The 6 Best Adventurous Activities To Do In Turkey

The 6 Best Adventurous Activities To Do In Turkey
17 Jul 2020

While Turkey is one of the best countries to travel to, just know that there’s more to the country than its fine cruises and exotic nighttime activities. In fact, in the most recent years, the Turkish tourism industry has become more open to the idea of adventure and exploration opportunities – in other words, Turkey wants to cater to you, the adventure seeker!

With the adventure travel market growing more and more each year, it’s easy to see that more people are flocking to this industry than for the exclusive spa resorts, and yoga and massage facilities.

Want to make the most out of your stay in Turkey? Here are six things you can do in Turkey that are fun and exciting for adventurers and thrill-seekers alike.

1. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is extremely popular in places like Turkey. Antalya and the National Park at Aladaglar are the most popular places in the country to rock-climb, since they’re mountainous in nature, with four hotspots to choose from – Geyikbayiri, Feslekan Yayla, Citdibi and Akyarlar. No matter what, you’ll get the most out of rock climbing.

2. Hike Through Ancient Lycia

Lycia is known for its limestone peaks that rise above the seascapes in the Mediterranean. With the dramatic landscape comes long-distance hiking trails that consist of traditional driving paths, paved Ottoman tracks, rudimentary village paths, and forest roads. As you hike through these marked trails, you may get a glimpse of traditional Turkish rural life, while passing the ghost village of Kaya Köyü, and embracing the beauty of the turquoise waters near the remote Yediburunlar (Seven Capes) peninsula.

3. Paragliding For Adrenaline Junkies

Ölüdeniz Beach has already become the staple of paragliding in Turkey. That’s where you’ll find the famed Blue Lagoon bedrock that people would go to, to paraglide. Once you’re strapped in with the pilot in the parachute, you’ll be amazed at the wonderful, as you glide through the beautiful mountains and the Blue Lagoon – an all-body experience for adrenaline junkies everywhere.

4. Ride Through Cappadocia On Horseback

If you’re a horse lover, or ride horses for a living, then this next activity is for you!

Cappadocia is a Hittites name, meaning “Land of Horses,”. Writers have mentioned this place in many books. So, it’s no surprise that you’ll find people on horseback through the most intriguing landscapes of the world. There, as you ride a horse with a few other people, you’ll come across the Fairy Chimneys, which are weirdly-formed, eroded volcanic pillars. Among the rock-cut dwellings and churches, and underground civilizations are the snow-covered volcanic peaks, and flat-topped mesas and buttes. It’s a fabulous tour spot for people looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of urban life.

5. Kayaking

Sea-kayaking is another popular sport that Turkey is known for. In Antalya, which accommodates the Mediterranean and Aegean coast of Turkey, the sea and weather conditions make it possible for people to view a perfect backdrop for kayaking and paddling. As you kayak through places that once were thriving civilizations, you’ll experience peaceful waters and soothing winds during your ride. All you need is a reliable life jacket and little to no previous kayaking experience to do this activity.

6. Exploring Caves

Exploring the inner realms of the earth is another popular thing to do in Turkey. Using specialized equipment, visitors can go through underground cavities and, potentially, make fascinating discoveries that you won’t find anywhere else – underground lakes, stalagmites, and cisterns. And the reason that caving is popular in Turkey is because of the country’s abundance of caves and caverns. You can do this activity with either small or large groups.


If you like going on many adventures, and want to have that same feel in Turkey, then what are you waiting for?

Turkey is one of the best countries in the world that would fill the traveler’s content, and lure in the curious explorer. With a rich historic background and plenty of amazing scenery to look at, Turkey is one of the most sought-after places for adventure seekers.

We hope that you’ll take advantage of any (or all) of the adventurous activities listed in this article, and tell all your friends and family about your experience. Happy travels!

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