5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Comfortable
03 May 2021

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The feeling of comfort is what makes a house a home, and it isn’t something that happens overnight. There’s a lot of effort and time that goes into making a home a more comfortable place to be, but it’s also a process that can be quite fun and fulfilling.

Whether you’re someone who’s just moved into a new house or plan on giving your current place a comfy makeover, here are five ways you can make your home feel cozier and more comfortable.


Making your home feel more comfortable doesn’t necessarily mean adding stuff. Less can be more, and sometimes, upping the comfort level will mean eliminating clutter from your home and your life. Keeping a home clean and tidy is essential for creating a space where people can feel comfortable and welcome. Don’t wait until it’s time to move to get rid of items you don’t use or need. Instead, make it a habit to declutter your home occasionally, going through everything from closets to kitchen cupboards to drawers.

Tidy homes feel so much warmer and more inviting compared to messy homes, mostly because they look well-cared-for. That said, make sure you don’t go overboard with cleaning and tidying either. There’s a big difference between a clean home and a sterile one. It’s your job to find a balance in order for your home to feel truly comfortable and welcoming.

Make comfort your top priority

The world of interior design is full of rules, but some rules are simply meant to be broken. Your home is your sanctuary, and you decide what feels good to you. If those leather recliners make your living room feel more comfy, go for it. Ceiling fans may not look design-worthy, but they can sure make a room feel cooler and summer heat more bearable. Love the idea of a large, comfy couch but are afraid to put it in your small living room? Prioritize comfort, and stick with space-saving pieces to keep things practical.

Just like you should make comfort your top priority when designing your interiors, your outdoor spaces should also epitomize comfort. Shaded areas like patios equipped with high-quality outdoor mist systems will enhance backyard comfort and keep you cool. Upgrades like these will also extend the season for outdoor socializing. That way, you can continue entertaining outside by the pool or in outdoor spaces comfortably – even in the hottest months.

Dress the walls in artwork

Just like the clothes we put on and the colors we wear, the colors and accessories on our walls say a lot about who we are as a person. As such, it’s important to select the color palette and home decor that will reflect our personality, values, and taste.

Barren walls with wild or plain colors can easily be transformed with the introduction of livelier hues and some artwork. When dressing up your walls, think about your personality, and make your choices based on what inspires you. Are you a creative individual? Go for vibrant hues and creative artwork. Love cars? Make your walls show that! Are you an avid globetrotter? Hang pictures of places you traveled to and memories you made. Want to make your family loved? Add family portraits and create gallery walls using photos that carry fun memories. Use walls as your canvas to express yourself. That way, every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded that you belong there.

Make your home smell good

Like pictures and photographs, scents have the ability to influence our mood. They have the power to take us to distant places and past events in seconds. A home that smells good is a home that stays in our memories, and every home has a unique scent.

One of the best ways to make your home feel more comfortable and inviting is to make it smell good. Oftentimes, this will mean lighting up a few scented candles and diffusing some essential oils. Sometimes, it’ll mean baking a batch of delicious cookies or even something as simple as doing a load of laundry.

Freshen up your space with lively plants

Nothing can really freshen your home up the way plants can. Sometimes, a touch of lively greenery is all it takes to create a whimsical atmosphere and up the comfort factor.

Not only are indoor plants the ideal solutions for filling out empty spaces and making a space look just “right”. They’re also quite practical when it comes to keeping the indoor air clean and toxin-free. The best part? Plants work well with practically every design style! If you go for low-maintenance options, you’ll ensure a pleasant, welcoming ambiance you can enjoy every single day.

Wrapping up

Our homes are our sanctuaries. As such, making them feel warm, welcoming, and inviting should be our top priority. With these couple of tips in mind, you’ll manage to up the comfort factor in your home and make it a cozy, stylish space you and your family will love coming back to.


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