5 Ways To Make Living Spaces Feel Bigger

5 Ways To Make Living Spaces Feel Bigger
12 Nov 2020

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When it comes to revamping rooms within your property, it’s commonly accepted that bigger is better. After all, we all dream of living in a huge mansion, so failing to make the most of the available space would be a disaster. Sadly, most homeowners simply don’t know where to start.

Here are five simple steps that will enable you to create bigger-looking rooms in next to no time.

1. Let There Be Light

Increased lighting is just one of several reasons to change your windows, but it’s a big one. The benefits of introducing more light to the rooms are clear. Therefore, you may want to consider using a lighter wall colour to reflect the light. Similarly, strategically placed mirrors can deliver stunning results. If you are worried about your privacy, it is possible to add films to the window. This doesn’t impact the amount of light entering the room and will also add an aesthetic touch.

2. Change The Colour Scheme

It’s not only the walls that set the tone and atmosphere. All key design features will influence the perception of space. Flooring stores can help find the right material and shade for the room you’re looking to decorate. This can also aid the homely vibe as well as the energy-efficiency levels. The colour choices of skirting boards and furniture are equally telling. Aside from making selections with light and space in mind, you should ensure that they work together. Confused looks make rooms look far worse.

3. Declutter

Cluttered rooms will instantly look smaller as unnecessary items eat up the space. This is the perfect incentive to analyze the household items you possess. If you haven’t used them for six months, they can be sold or donated to charity. The extra space you gain will work wonders in your bid to build bigger-looking rooms. It is a move that may result in regaining your garage or basement as living spaces rather than glorified internal storage containers.

4. Utilize The Walls

When trying to make rooms appear bigger, one of the key challenges relates to floor space. So, if you are able to lose bulky furniture pieces, it is a process that you should want to complete. Shelving stores can help you transform living spaces. It does this by removing the need for display cabinets and similar furniture pieces. Upgrades may also include fixing TVs to the wall or using retractable tables that take up a far smaller amount of space when not being used.

5. Consider Going Open Plan

If the above steps still struggle to unlock the desired results, it may be necessary to look at a more significant change. Removing internal walls to turn the living spaces into an open plan space can work wonders. While you’ll only add a couple of inches to the physical dimensions, the impact on the vibe within the home is huge. Extending the property is another option, although it will naturally cost a lot of money. Still, if it removes the necessity to move home, the decision will be vindicated.

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  1. To have light in the living room you need transparent fabric which gives you enough light. And regarding color, this is the most important factor that can change the entire look of your living room.

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