5 Ways to Impress People at the Gym

5 Ways to Impress People at the Gym
08 May 2020

There are far better places than the gym where you can meet someone new and kick up a conversation that might lead to new friendship or something more, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t meet someone truly special while working out. Whether you’re looking to meet that special someone or if you’re simply looking to meet new friends whom you can start seeing outside of the gym as well, there’s no denying that you need to be careful in your approach.

Nobody likes getting ambushed by an overly-enthusiastic stranger in the middle of their workout, which is the best way to scare them off for good. Aside from the fact that fitness helps you lead a healthy and thriving life, you should also use your time at the gym to inspire others to naturally gravitate towards you, so let’s break down the best ways you can impress others at the gym without looking like a creep.

All eyes on your workout split

You know how your gaze just tends to stick to that one person at the gym who just looks like they know what they’re doing, so you try to mimic their movements and exercises in the hopes of one day reaching their fitness level? Well, you want to be that person. There’s nothing that can attract the gaze of your fellow gym-goers like a well-performed squat or a perfect deadlift (more on proper form in a bit), and the same goes for your workout routine as a whole.

If you want to attract attention in a positive way then you need to do something different from everyone else, so try to find the ultimate full body workout online or implement unique movements and exercises into your existing routine to make yourself stand out. While every gym bro and brosefina are doing one muscle group per day, a full-body workout would definitely make you more noticeable in a crowd.

Be as focused on your workout as possible

Nothing says “creep” or “perv” like someone constantly staring at other people at the gym, and if you focus on others too much, you are definitely going to get an unpleasant visit from the manager. You might be eager to meet someone new or to start up a conversation with a spicy señorita on the treadmill, but you must remember to keep your cool and just focus on your own workout.

Don’t pay too much attention to others and let their gaze naturally gravitate towards you – then let your posture and your body language tell them that you’re open for interaction. If you decide to start up a conversation, make sure to choose a lighter subject, and refrain from commenting on their form or their appearance.

Up your energy with the right supplements

People are drawn to those who display exceptional physical skill and stamina, and if nothing else, people will start to admire your energy and endurance levels when they notice how you’re able to push yourself in your every training session. Now, in order to keep your energy levels high throughout the week, you need to eat right, and you need to take the right performance supplements.

Aside from taking a pre-workout supplement, consider taking L-Citrulline supplements as well that will give you that sustained source of energy to prevent you from crashing half-way through your workout. These supplements are especially beneficial if you’re working out early in the morning or in the evening after work, or if you’re simply looking to take your training to that next level.

Proper form is sexy

The last thing you want to do is to try to impress others with the amount of weight you can lift. Ego-lifting is a surefire way to end up on YouTube in a compilation of gym fails, which is not exactly going to help you score a phone number from your crush. Instead, be sure to focus on executing every movement perfectly – with any luck, people will ask you to help them correct their own execution of the exercise, which is an excellent conversation starter.

Dress to impress

Wearing the right fitness clothes can help you reach your health and fitness goals, that’s for sure, but it can also help you be the center of attention and look like someone who really knows what they’re doing. Don’t just throw any old cotton shirt on with a pair or worn-out shorts, instead, be sure to invest in proper active wear that will help you stay safe in the gym, support proper blood flow while you train, and hopefully inspire others to ask you where you got those sweet threads.

Wrapping up

There is a fine line between being friendly and open to meeting new people at the gym, and earning the moniker of a gym creep. Be sure to use these tips to impress others while you exercise, garner their attention, and start up conversations naturally.


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