Colour Of the Year: 5 Amazing Ways to Decorate your Home with Pantone Colours

Colour Of the Year: 5 Amazing Ways to Decorate your Home with Pantone Colours
13 Apr 2018

Every year, we all eagerly await what the new year will bring. With the new year, Pantone (known for their famous Pantone Matching System) launches a shade that they think will be the colour of the year. According to Pantone, 2018 is the year of bold shades, specifically ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet is somewhat of a melodramatic hue, but not too exaggerated that you cannot integrate it into your home. Since it’s such a lush, delightful, deeply saturated colour, it can create a significant impact, even in small details.

So, if you want to fuse this moody, rich hue into your style, check out the five ways indicated below. Get motivated, and include this magical purple shade into your home.

pantone amethyst

As a Living Room Accent

Are you one of those people who love to wait for the Pantone Home Colours of the year? Do you love to incorporate it into your home? If yes, then start incorporating this year’s hottest colour into your living room.

You can opt to paint your living room walls ultraviolet. You can also add some accessories and wall decorations of this colour to create a stunning gallery wall. Another way to use ultraviolet as an accent is to take advantage of amethyst crystals. You can add these crystals into a vase, or organize them in a small coffee table tray for a more stunning sparkle in your space.

Whether you choose to add a vintage rug with some violet strands in it, a pair of purple throw pillows and blankets, a couple of twigs of lilac in a jar, the simplest way to start incorporating a new colour into your home is to take baby steps. No matter which part of the home you want to include Pantone’s Colour of the Year, it’ll always be a standout.

pantone furniture

As Statement Pieces

A furniture piece that’s beyond its saturation point can certainly look majestic in a neutral room. It can also work well when teamed up with dark colours such as indigo, and deep intense fabrics like velvet, for a temperamental room.

For example, you can add a purple chair to your space. It’s inviting and bold, especially when it’s in a fancy, deluxe velvet. This glamorous and striking piece of furniture will undoubtedly look good wherever you choose to position it.

Integrated with Other Forms of Styles

Ultraviolet is a bright and bold colour. Thus, when you decide to incorporate it into your home, you’ll need to be very careful or particular about what other forms of styles you will be incorporating it with.

Don’t try to incorporate ultraviolet into a rustic, mid-century, modern, or vintage style, because the rich, warm colours will not harmonize. Alternatively, you can opt to incorporate ultraviolet in contemporary and minimalist decorations.

Ultraviolet will surely stand out against geometric, bold patterns as well. It is also easy to blend into a classic black and white bathroom, or even in the kitchen with just a couple of small changes.

Remember that this colour represents ingenuity and originality. With that said, you’ll need to think out of the box when planning to add it to your home, and with other forms of styles. By doing so, you’ll also make your home unique and original.

pantone picture

As Bedroom Decorations

Yes, bedrooms are a place where we can relax, rejuvenate, and rest. However, it can also be the place where our artistry and imagination blossoms. Just like any other part of the house, incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year will surely make your bedroom stand out.

You can start by creating a headboard that matches the present trend, by getting some new cushioning or padding. If you are decorating your room on a budget, think about replacing your bed linens in ultraviolet. You can also hang ultraviolet or purple draperies in your bedroom.

pantone lamp

Table Lamps

Of course, lighting can, without a doubt, change the whole look and feel of a room. So, change your outdated lamp with a glass table lamp that has a unique and interesting base. For sure, your guests will get captivated with a stunning table lamp incorporated with this year’s hottest colour.


One advantage of being a homeowner is that you have the power to decorate your home to your heart’s content. If you plan to decorate or redecorate your home, consider incorporating Pantone’s Colour of the Year – ultraviolet.


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