Health Tracker: 5 Ways Fitbit Keeps Your Kids Physically Active

Health Tracker: 5 Ways Fitbit Keeps Your Kids Physically Active
21 Sep 2020

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Keeping Physically Active

While you’re always on a shopping round with your kids, regardless of the event, day and time, perhaps its time to buy them something healthy that keeps them on the move.

What’s that? You ask.

A device solely designed to monitor your physical activity, exercise, diet and sleep, you finally have a way to get them off those video games and stop them from turning into obese potato couches.

Here are 5 ways Fitbit can help keep your kids physically active:

Physically Active motivation

1. Motivation

It is no secret that kids are always attracted to gadgets, video games and smart phones. This gadget motivates children to get up, take steps, climb floors, indulge in physical activity to gain points. By rewarding them with bonuses and medals, unlocking new levels, congratulating them on their accomplishments, Fitbit and other fitness trackers motivate them to stay physically active. It is important because children might not be interested in doing so otherwise. Practically a toy for them, this device inhibits them from turning into a couch potato while they happily jump around.

When I picked up my Fitbit Charge a few years ago, it motivated me to get up if I was resting for too long, or to keep moving if I hadn’t reached my step goal yet. I still wear one now.

Physically Active gym

2. Maintain Weight

Apart from motivating your kids to go out and play, these modern day trackers help obese children to reduce weight and prevent others from gaining too much. Physical exercise is a must when it comes to weight maintenance, and Fitbit trackers help you achieve a set target by sending timely reminder when its time for a certain physical activity. It monitors your activity, presents it in a comprehensive form and lets you know how far you stand from achieving you goal. This way your child is always on the move without you having to design their exercise plan.

Physically Active sleeping

3. Monitor Sleep

A healthy lifestyle comprises of three things in particular: exercise, diet and sleep. Fitbit trackers are designed to take over all three of these and bring improvement in your child’s overall routine. Monitoring sleep is a technologically advanced function that Fitbit trackers provide. It keeps track of your sleep patterns, including sleep movements, deep sleep, interrupted sleep and the total hours of sleep your child gets. If and when the actual sleep is lesser than required sleep, it will send out messages calculating how much more sleep your kid actually needs to get. The sleep goal set can be changed manually as per your requirement, which makes this device highly flexible.

Physically Active competitive

4. Increases Competitiveness

Since Fitbit tracks all of the physical activity going on in your kid’s routine, it motivates and urges your kids to be more competitive through its social sharing features. By downloading the Fitbit app, your kids can share their achievements and accomplishments with friends and family, acting as a natural motivator to keep them on the move. This app lets them cheer, compete and message their friends. By displaying their achieved goals and required movement to achieve new goals, these trackers develop a healthy sense of competition among kids, literally.

Physically Active healthy foods

5. Keeps Track of Diet

Perhaps the most crucial component of a healthy routine is the diet. Since every kid is different from another in eating habits, it is often a hassle for parents to convince their kids to eat healthy, or even eat properly at times. This is where Fitbit comes to the rescue. It not only monitors your calorie count and micro nutrients, but keeps sending messages that push your child to eat healthy, staying within the set goals.

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