5 Ways To Make Sure Your Car Is Safe This Winter

5 Ways To Make Sure Your Car Is Safe This Winter
20 Sep 2019

It’s time to say goodbye to the summer months and brace ourselves for the ice and snow. Winter is almost here, and with it will come some of the most miserable driving conditions known. Early morning scraping the ice from the windscreen, and late nights stuck in tailbacks because of snow on the roads.

But it is not just the inconvenience that you should be concerned about. The winter months bring a real risk to your driving and as such, you should prepare yourself for the worst by giving your vehicle a full winter check over.

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Get Your Vehicle Serviced

Having a well-maintained vehicle is vital. Getting your oil filters swapped out and your oil replaced will ensure your car is more likely to weather the colder months. It will keep you running smoothly even through the worst that the season has to offer.

While you are at it, examine the whole of the vehicle and check on any additional safety features that you might have like the bull bar.

Tires: Pressure And Tread

Check the pressure of your tires. If they are not up to the correct PSI, then you will run the risk of losing control on wet or icy surfaces.

There is no substitute for having great tires. You should ensure that your tread is above the legal limit. And if you are getting close to the limit, don’t wait until your tire is a potential accident waiting to happen, change it as soon as you can. The difference in your stopping distance might only be inches, but it could be the difference between crashing, and not crashing.

Swap Your Wiper Blades

Being able to see out of your window is an obvious necessity. When winter comes along, you will get all of the weather you can imagine thrown at your windscreen. Your wipers need to ward off all of the snow and rain and allow you to see the road, smear-free.

Changing your wiper blades is a two-minute job that anyone can do. There is no excuse for delaying getting them changed as they are an important part of your car’s safety.

Get Your Scraper Out

It’s time to put the scraper and de-icer back in the car ready for the frosty mornings. Remember, you should never use boiling water on your window as it could cause it to crack. Keep some gloves somewhere in your car in case you need them when you are scraping the ice off your windows.

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Make Up An Emergency Kit

Get yourself a bag together and keep in your car. Inside it, keep everything that you might need in an emergency situation. Keep extra clothes and blankets so that you can keep warm in the event of a breakdown.

Food and water might be a useful thing to keep in the car. If you get stranded anywhere, it is important to keep your hydration up while you wait to be rescued.

Keep phone numbers written down in case your phone dies. You should keep your insurance and breakdown companies numbers along with your policy details.

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