5 Tips to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Tips to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy
28 Aug 2020

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Not a single business trying to make a name for itself today can afford not to leverage digital marketing in its pursuit of greatness. In all fairness, you can certainly get results with posting content on your site and by advertising on social media – but your results will be far greater if you build your own digital marketing methodology based on the most effective, promising tactics available.

There might never be a one-size-fits-all when it comes to all things digital, but the following strategies are considered essential for success in the digital world. They can become the foundation of your own digital marketing efforts and allow you to improve the results you gain from all of your digital campaigns. Of course, you should always keep a watchful eye on the trends in your own industry and infuse your digital marketing strategy with such knowledge, but never forget to include these steps in your approach, as well.

Don’t make your content too promotional

There are merits to writing promotional content and investing in ads on social media and beyond – but your digital strategy shouldn’t rely primarily on such a promotion-heavy approach. Times have changed and customers today appreciate brands that aren’t too pushy, but that know how to engage, educate, and inform their audience without selling directly.

Instead, you should use the bulk of your content strategy to publish formats that are engaging and educational, such as videos, articles, images, animated content, and the like. This approach will let you build credibility around your brand so that when your customers do come across a promotional post, they won’t be deterred by it, but they’ll be more inclined to go to your site and perhaps make a purchase.

Humanize your business and your brand

With so many businesses under the sun, you need to find unique ways to make yours stand out in the crowd. An increasingly utilized approach for many professionals is to leverage their own professional authority in the industry to build a business based on their personal brand. One mention of Neil Patel likely has you rushing to see if your site’s performance metrics are in order. That’s the kind of impact you want your personal brand to have on your professional community.

To accomplish that, you can start by creating a personal website with a memorable and personalized domain name that will help you grow your digital presence. Your name will then slowly become synonymous with excellence in your industry, and your personal brand associated with your business – a digital marketing goldmine for success.

Grow your SEO strategy

Whether you’re running a one-person show or you have an entire business with many employees under your wing, you need to make room in your digital marketing strategy to appease the search engines. Why? Because your visibility in search engines will define how many people will visit your website and how many will interact with your brand overall.

Focus on refining your SEO strategy in the months to come so that you can publish relevant content that’s keyword-optimized and rich with informative links. Make sure that your technical SEO is superb and that your website works flawlessly so that you can focus on the long-term aspects of your SEO such as link-building, link-earning, collaborations, and the like.

User-generated content rules

Digital marketing is a fickle creature, so you’ll notice that trends reshape the flow of each industry and that customers sway from one preference to another depending on the market tide. However, you can definitely use your past and current success to build your future success. To put it simply, you can let your satisfied customers play a more prominent role in your content strategy by publishing more user-generated content.

Invite them to write a review or post a blog piece about your product. You can encourage them to share images and other content formats with your brand in the spotlight by kick-starting social media contests with prizes involved. You can set up an automated review process after each purchase to ask for their review when they’re at their happiest. Either way, their satisfaction can be the basis for inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Collaborate with influencers

A mutually-beneficial relationship is one where your brand can genuinely gain greater exposure and simultaneously help a social media influencer grow their own presence. This approach allows you to build social proof, which means that by letting someone else speak for your brand, other people will inspire your audience to trust you more easily. Merely by wearing your product or sharing images of them using your product, they can generate more interest in your brand.

The key here is to find influencers with a solid reputation that share your brand values. If you, for example, want to focus more on sustainability, then you can easily find green-minded individuals online who share such convictions. Keep in mind that this is a long-term approach, so while you might not receive any major short-term gains, you can expect to establish a stronger foothold in your industry for the long haul.

Although your digital marketing campaigns will vary based on the analytics and knowledge you gain from your industry, it’s vital to remember that these essentials have stood the test of time for a number of excellent reasons. They will help your brand become more visible in an oversaturated market, enable you to engage your customers in more than just one-time purchases, and allow you to build up your reputation as a trusted business in your community. Use them to your advantage, and your digital marketing will always let you keep your prominent position in your industry!

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