5 Tips For Rustic Style At Home

5 Tips For Rustic Style At Home
11 Sep 2020

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If the new season is making you think about a new look for your home, you’re not alone. Something about the fall in temperature has us thinking of cozy evenings. That’s why the rustic style is perfect. Not only is it a timeless classic, but it has its roots in nature, with natural textures and earthy colours being top of the list.

Go As Small Or Large As You Like

If you want to give your home a bit of a rustic makeover, it can be quite simple. You can go as small or as large as you like with introducing a bit of this simple style into your home environment. From simply introducing the theme with a few pillows or wall hangings to making bigger changes such as remodelling a room, there’s always a way to introduce a little more of a rustic feel to your interiors.

Focus On Colours And Textures

Rustic decor creates that instantly appealing, cosy feel that’s so in tune with the changing seasons. And the simplest way into this feeling is through introducing different tones and textures to your space. This could be as simple as ordering some giant floor pillows and a chunky knit throw to dress up your space. If you want to redecorate, look to nature for inspiration with tones – warm, russet red, deep forest green and natural wood tones all work well. Think about the colours which are naturally found in the landscape around you and aim to pick up on those to create a visual link between indoors and outdoors that can look striking.

Bring On The Wood

With all of this focus on natural textures, introducing some more wooden elements into your decor is essential for getting the rustic look. It could be as simple as adding a pair of Adirondack chairs with a textured throw draped over the arm, or you might decide that you want to go a step further and add wood panelling to your home. This look is gaining popularity at the moment, giving that cozy and cocooned feel to the space that’s perfect as the evenings draw in.

Handcrafted Items

A rustic touch is as much in the details as it is the larger elements such as colour scheme, so consider adding some handcrafted accessories to your space – things such as needlework, paintings in oils or macrame items as well as hand turned wooden accessories can all give that feel. Have a go at creating some home projects yourself or scout out a local craft fair. Handmade unique items can also be easily found on Etsy if you’re looking for a shortcut.

Natural Accessories

When adding the final flourish to your decorating, look to seasonal flowers and fruits to introduce the right feel. Keep a large glass jar full of apples on your dining table, or go for a display of local foliage twined with some LED string lights. Flowers are also a great idea, especially gathered wildflowers, and if you live near the coast, pebbles worn smooth by the sea also look great.

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