5 Important Things to Know and Have as a Digital Nomad

5 Important Things to Know and Have as a Digital Nomad
20 Jul 2020

Traveling the world and making the big bucks is no longer a fairytale dream, and is in fact an attainable goal for many who are fed up with the traditional 9-5 lifestyle. Modern technology has allowed us to work remotely no matter where we’re based around the globe, and it has even allowed us to work while on the road, traveling from one great country to the next, not really having a long-term base or a place we need to be.

It’s an amazing feeling, having the freedom to choose your own path, but that doesn’t mean that achieving long-term success as a digital nomad comes easy. With that in mind, let’s talk about the most important things you should know and have to succeed as a digital nomad.

Get ready to organize your entire life

To become a digital nomad, you have to have your life in order. There is no way around it, if you have outstanding debt, or if your financial situation is not stable, or even if you have trouble organizing your weekly routine, you won’t be able to survive out in the open world. After all, you’re about to embark on a grand journey, a voyage around the world, so you’re going to have to adapt quickly to different circumstances and maintain your productivity to finance your travels and lifestyle.

This requires resourcefulness and meticulous organization, so make sure to get your affairs in order back home, and create a savings fund for your new career path. Next, be sure to research the best destinations to travel to first, preferably countries that are relatively close with a small cultural gap. This will help you ease your way into the industry before you start traveling across the globe.

You’ll need several income sources

Speaking of financing your travels and lifestyle, your old single-income mindset won’t work anymore. Back home, you might have felt secure with a regular paycheck in your hands, but when you’re your own boss and you’re traveling the world, there is no telling what might happen to your income stream at any given moment. This is why you need to diversify your revenue sources, preferably before hitting the road.

Be sure to find at least three stable clients to create a financial safety net. Don’t forget to organize your finances to avoid wasting money as well. Worst case scenario, two of your clients will go on hold, but you will still have the third one to support you before you find new ones.

Having a stable internet connection is non-negotiable

As a digital nomad, your career literally relies on your internet connection. This is not an exaggeration, you need to have a stable connection wherever you go so that you can deliver the work and earn your income.

Because of its importance, digital nomads are nowadays switching to fiber internet networks as opposed to risking their livelihoods by working on traditional copper-wire connections that often have interruptions, slow times, and are unreliable in many countries. Fiber-optic internet, on the other hand, provides stellar speeds and reliability, allowing you to stay productive and successful anywhere in the world.

Be sure to plan months in advance

If you are to succeed in the long run, you can’t keep living on a day-to-day schedule. Instead, you need to plan your moves months in advance in order to save money, minimize risks, and get the best travel and accommodation deals. Be sure to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, research destinations thoroughly, and book your flights and accommodation well in advance in order to stay one step ahead of the game.

Use the right tech and gadgets to succeed

Lastly, be sure to embrace technology. Having a reliable laptop is essential, but you also need travel tech like portable chargers and external batteries, backup hard drives, mobile Wi-Fi hotspots, power adapters, and a smartphone that can act as an emergency computer if the laptop breaks down. As a general rule, you should have a spare of everything, so if you can afford it, be sure to get a backup laptop as well. Embrace technology, and you will have no problem maximizing productivity on the road.

Wrapping up

Becoming a digital nomad is a realistic goal and a rewarding career path, but you need to prepare the right way. Use these tips to build a thriving career working from anywhere in the world.


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