5 Style Essentials For Professional Men On-The-Go

5 Style Essentials For Professional Men On-The-Go
01 Feb 2021

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Men: Get your style on!

If you spend a lot of time traveling for work, then you need a number of essentials to help you deal with the demands of everyday life no matter where you are. Every working man should have both bags and accessories to depend on for his daily commute and occasional business trip. Because busy professionals don’t always have time to filter through every fashion trend, let’s go over some necessities that working men can use on-the-go.

Here are 5 style essentials for professional men looking to travel in style.

style leather briefcase

1. A Leather Briefcase

A classic leather briefcase is a staple every professional man should consider. Because leather briefcases for men come in a range of colors, and sizes, you should choose the right bag for you with features suited to your lifestyle. Do you have a lot of paperwork or vital documents to carry? Consider a bag that expands and features a lock. Do you travel often? What about any electronics you may need on the road. Be sure to invest in a quality bag that has pockets and compartments to store everything you need with efficiency and ease.

style watch

2. A Luxury Watch

A well-made watch is another style essential that any professional man should invest in. Like quality briefcases, many luxury men’s watches come from established brands. So, you should select a timepiece that fits your lifestyle and day-to-day attire. If you’re in a more dressed-down workplace, consider a more casual watch with an analog face and brown leather straps. Or, if you’re typically in more corporate settings that demand a suit and tie, an elegant full-metal option in a subtle gold or silver can add a distinguished air to any professional look you have in mind.

style messenger bag

3. A Messenger Bag

As its name implies, the messenger bag was originally designed for postal workers and couriers who needed easy access to goods they were delivering. Since the mid-2000’s, messenger bags have experienced a resurgence as professional men across the world required bags that could carry their electronic devices and daily essentials easily. Like watches, you should consider how a messenger bag coordinates with your overall style. If your “dressed up” look consists of khakis or dark jeans paired with rolled-up sleeved button down shirts, a more rugged, utilitarian canvas bag is the way to go. However, if you’re wearing a suit most of the time, consider a classically styled messenger bag in a polished black, brown, or cordovan leather.

4. A Zip-Up Padfolio

With so many men needing a range of electronics on a daily basis, a leather zip-up padfolio is another great essential to have on hand. In addition to toting around tablets, zip-up padfolios help you keep your valuables safe and secure. Some also have the capacity to hold documents, pens, electronics and more. Coordinate your padfolio with your briefcase and messenger bag, and be sure to select one that fits within your commuter bag easily.

style wallet

5. A Double-Fold Wallet

A handy double-fold wallet is something any working man needs regardless of day-to-day workplace dress codes or personal tastes. Though modern payment methods include smartphone apps and other forward-looking tech solutions, many men still carry a range of credit and debit cards, rewards cards, IDs, as well as paper bills. To carry all of those conveniently, double-fold wallets are still an all-time favorite.

These 5 style essentials for professionals blend style and convenience. With an eye for function and form, any man can easily select his go-to’s easily. So, whether you’re jet-setting across the world to land new clients or you need day-to-day accessories that can weather any commute, be on the lookout for accessories to make your travels a little more smoothly.

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