Remodeling Sucks! 5 Reasons to Start Fresh from a House Plan

Remodeling Sucks! 5 Reasons to Start Fresh from a House Plan
26 Mar 2021

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It’s the age-old question: Should I remodel or build a new home from scratch? Homes, just like cars and clothes, become outdated at some point. But giving your home a makeover doesn’t necessarily equal hiring remodeling professionals.

Starting fresh from a house plan is often a better option, and sometimes, it just makes more sense. Not sure what to do? Here are five reasons why you’ll be better off building from scratch.

Building new allows for greener, more eco-friendly choices

Older homes certainly have their charm and character, but they’re not really energy-efficient. We live in a time when more homeowners are becoming interested in living greener, and they want their homes to be the same. While adding energy efficient features to an existing home is definitely an option, the change won’t be as effective. Furthermore, complex green upgrades such as installing solar panels are much more difficult to make on existing roofs.

Making greener, more eco-friendly choices is much easier with new construction homes, whether we’re talking about installing high-efficiency insulation, collection and filtration of rainwater, or taking advantage of natural power sources.

Building new means building a home that is structurally sound

Homes with structural issues almost always make for candidates for a teardown. There are several ways to determine whether your current home is structurally sound. For starters, take a look at your home’s foundation. Crumbling foundation is a major sign of a structurally unsound house, in which case you should definitely look into rebuilding from scratch.

Moreover, if you happen to live in an area that’s prone to natural disasters such as earthquakes, checking your home’s foundation is even more important. Other than a solid foundation, other signs of a structurally sound home include straight exterior walls, interior walls with no cracks, and there shouldn’t be any water present in your home’s basement or crawl space. If your home doesn’t check all the boxes, starting from scratch can be a much more economical option.

A new home is brand new and up to code

When it comes to potential problems and vulnerabilities of the house, faults in the foundation are often just the tip of the iceberg. This is especially true in case of older homes, which can hide many unwelcome surprises.

Sometimes, the problems can range from black mold and toxic gases to hazardous building materials and outdated electrical and plumbing systems. Other times, it will be unwanted guests such as termites, roaches, and rodents that will be a cause for concern for homeowners. Certain issues such as the last one can be solved successfully by turning to pest control services and other experienced professionals. Others, however, may take more time and effort to fix. When you build new, you can rest assured that your home will be brand new and up to code, and most importantly, safe and healthy.

Starting fresh leaves more room for creativity

Have you always dreamed of having a bigger home? Do you want a home that is open and airy, with plenty of natural light coming in? Maybe you’d like to change your home’s design and make it fit your idea of an ideal home?

There are definitely ways to achieve these things by remodeling your home. However, there’s something about the quality of a newly built home that often makes it a much better option. Building new leaves more room for creativity, allowing you to include all the features you’ve always wanted. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them feeling out of place (which can happen if the house is older). Finally, the end product is much more satisfying when you build new. Plus, it’s certainly more pleasing to see the whole house being revamped rather than just one part of it.

Building from scratch sometimes makes more financial sense

This may come as a surprise to some homeowners, but in some cases, building from scratch can actually be more cost-effective than remodeling. This, of course, depends on the amount of work your house needs. In many cases, remodeling may seem like a more affordable route. However, the final costs are generally always higher than expected. This is especially true when you factor in the unwelcome surprises mentioned above and the cost of fixing them.

A teardown followed by a complete rebuild, on the other hand, gives you a fresh start. It’s much more straightforward, and it makes your home much more valuable.

Wrapping up

When it comes to bringing your house up to date, remodeling is certainly not your only option nor is it always the best one. Building a new home from scratch is often a much better and more suitable solution. It can also leave you much happier with your abode.

When building from scratch, the world is your oyster, and although it may seem intimidating, there are more reasons to go for it than not to. The best thing about it? It can help you make your home truly yours, which is what every homeowner hopes to achieve.

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