Ride Out: 5 of the Best Motorcycle Roads in the World

Ride Out: 5 of the Best Motorcycle Roads in the World
08 Oct 2021

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Photo by Gabor Papp on Unsplash

If you could ride a motorcycle across the most breathtaking places in the world, which roads would you choose? Everyone’s choice would be different because each person has a unique outlook on life. But some circuits are worth riding time and again. These roads offer an incomparable experience of the outdoors.

We take this chance to tell you more about five of the best motorcycle roads in the world. Every rider should consider including these five roads on their bucket list.

Pacific Coast Highway, USA

First on the list is the breathtaking 1,700-mile all-paved Pacific Coast Highway on the west coast of the USA. It is a dream ride for any motorcycle rider that stretches from Long Beach and ends at the eye-catching Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

You get the chance to experience inland scenery like the famous giant Redwood forests. If you are a wildlife lover, there is a high chance of spotting gray whales, humpback whales, dolphins, and sea lions if you time your trip around January and April.

If you are planning to take this trip, here are some invaluable nuggets to note:

• Keep an eye on the fuel tank. Although there are several fueling spots, they are far in between. Make sure the bike has at least two hours’ worth of fuel before you hit the tarmac.
• Plan for detours and side trips. There are tons of excellent side trips along the highway, like visiting wineries and breweries.
• Be safe. As you set off on the highway, there are some sharp bends, turns, and series of hills and dips. You might not see oncoming traffic if you are not focused. The Motorcycle Safety Lawyers note that there might also be loose rocks and dirt, especially in the mountains. So keep your eyes peeled on the road.

Ceuta to Marrakesh loop in Morocco

If ancient sites, diverse cultures, and mountain-high dunes fire you up, Africa is the place to experience your riding dream. The Ceuta to Marrakesh loop in Morocco stretches 1,600 miles across the landscape. It offers breathtaking scenery from snow-capped mountains to lush green farmlands and giant dunes. If culture and history captivate you, brace yourself for several Kasbahs (citadels), souks (marketplaces), and ancient cities like the city of Fes.

Here are tips to help make the trip memorable:

• Pick a bike that will perform well both on and off-road. Although most of the trip is on the tarmac, there are many spectacular spots off the tarmac you wouldn’t want to miss.
• Brace yourself for lengthy (and sometimes frustrating) stays at the border points. The immigration process and officials could get to you, especially if you do not have the correct papers. Fortunately, there are friendly guides who can assist in the process, and they are affordable.
• Some sections of the road are not in the best condition. You will also encounter traders and animals along the road, especially in densely populated areas. But these should not overshadow the thrill of Moroccan twisties.
• The people are friendly. Motorists might stop you and offer some hashish. You can politely decline and say you like to keep a clear mind when riding.
• Unless you plan to stay in posh hotels, carry some toilet paper. Many establishments have the hole-in-the-floor type of toilets, and they seldom have toilet paper. Instead, you will find a tap and a bucket which might be strange.

Fjordland, Norway

Although short, compared to the previous two trips, Fjordland, Norway, is perhaps the best place in the world to ride a motorcycle. The 280-mile trip stretches from Bergen through to Gudvangern where you will take a ferry to Naerlandsford, the longest and deepest fjord in the world.

Brace yourself for a series of terrific switchbacks and breathtaking fjords along the road. Beyond Belstrand is a series of climbs and drops and hair-raising zigzags at Trollstigen road to Andalsnes.

Here are some tips to help make the trip unforgettable:

• Plan to take the trip at the height of summer. The sun stays high up until about midnight, thus more opportunity to experience the breathtaking scenery.
• Brace yourself for ‘regn’. The steep coastal peaks in the North Atlantic mean the weather changes frequently and is often wet. So pick a bike to match the weather and terrain.
• Although Norway is a leading producer of petroleum and its products, gasoline is more expensive than you would expect. You will part with about $8.00 or €7.00 per gallon.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Great Ocean Road in Australia is yet another short but spectacular bike trip. Stretching from Torquay to Glenaire, this 120-mile stretch is the only motorbike trip where you will experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world – the Twelve Apostles.

It also has some downsides. The route is popular, especially for tourists who often congest the road. It could make riding a bit of a challenge. But don’t let excited tourists steal your opportunity to experience this magnificent road. Plan the trip during quiet times of the day, like at twilight, and get a better chance to experience the rewarding sights.

Since it is short, you can do a solo ride. But here are some tips to make the trip more comfortable:

• Plan to take the trip during a weekday. Weekends are just a buzz of tourist activity on and off the roads.
• As you ride, watch out for local wildlife. There are plenty of koalas, especially along the Cape Otway Lighthouse Road.<
• Obey the traffic rules. The 80 km/hr or 50mph speed limit means that you will take more time to enjoy the scenery. The road is also heavily policed, so keep to the speed limit.
• The Cape Otway Lightstation to Aire River stretch is not for the faint-hearted. There is a 4X4 ONLY sign on the track, but if you want to explore with a bike, you could just hack it. Just be prepared for lots of fun getting stuck in the sand. So, pick an off-road motorbike.

Chile’s southern route to Argentina

The last road to put on your bucket list is Chile’s southern route to Argentina. This 770-mile stretch immerses you into the heart of the ultimate South American beautiful landscapes.

You will experience mountains, lakes, glaciers, and volcanoes – everything in your riding dream. A few detours along the route, like the many national parks, and nature reserves, will lead you to turquoise-blue lakes, matchless flora and fauna, and wildlife. But the real treasure is the people. They are friendly and welcoming.

As you ride where Che Guevara rode, here are some tips to make the trip memorable.

• Pack some altitude sickness pills to soothe the pounding headaches you might experience.
• Pick an all-terrain bike to maximize the many off-road detours and savor the country’s beauty.


Photo by Canary Ride on Unsplash

The best motorcycle roads in the world

There are many other roads where riding would be a heavenly experience. The above roads are just our top picks, and we think you would love riding them time and again as many motorcyclists do. Let us know about an unforgettable ride that deserves a top spot on the world map.

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