Marketing Psychology 101: 5 Great Ways to Build Social Proof

Marketing Psychology 101: 5 Great Ways to Build Social Proof
27 Mar 2020

In the oversaturated online world where customers have so many brands to choose from, the only thing that separates you from the competition is your brand’s reputation. It’s imperative that you build an authoritative, trustworthy brand image if you are to inspire your target demographic to get in touch, and convert leads into paying customers. After all, people are going to research you extensively before committing to anything, which is why you need to make sure that their initial impression of your brand is a positive one.

Social proof allows you to achieve this by elevating your brand’s trust factor in the eyes of the search engines, as well as your audience across the online realm. By integrating several key solutions into your digital marketing strategy and by optimizing your social media and your website, you can easily build social proof around your brand. Let’s go over these key solutions and how you can use them for maximum results.

Make your website more visible online

The first and most obvious step you need to take is to simply make your brand more visible in the online world. Why? Because people tend to put their trust in the brands that have a stronger presence, brands that go the extra mile to reach their audience on all online channels and platforms.

Visual presence in itself is a powerful conversion tool, as your target demographic and your leads will feel more inclined to visit your website and check out your products if they notice that you are everywhere on the web. This means that you need to invest in the latest SEO trends and that you need to combine search engine optimization with paid advertising in order to surpass your competitors in the search results.

Get influencers to praise your brand

The online world is rife with prominent individuals and personal brands that have massive online followings – all of which are waiting for the right brand to reach out for a sponsorship deal. For you, this means that you have an opportunity to expand your brand’s reach online and improve your trust factor with your target demographic by having influencers and bloggers spread the good word about your company and your products. Be careful, this can backfire if you choose the wrong influencer, so make sure to run a thorough screening process beforehand and check if their personal brand complements your business and your values.

Engage with website users in real time

Building social proof requires you to instill trust in your website visitors and potential customers within the first few seconds after they land on your homepage or site in general. You can’t expect them to start trusting you just by browsing your website if they had no prior experience with your brand, which is why you need to engage with them in real time through cues and notifications.

This is achieved by implementing innovative software like the Cue social proof tool that displays real-time notifications to website visitors whenever someone decides to buy something on your site. You can optimize these notifications to display the exact messaging that resonates with your audience, so that your potential customers can instantly see that others have already put their trust in your brand. This will incentivize them to follow suit.

Leverage reviews and product ratings

Another great way you can build social proof is to integrate testimonials, reviews, and ratings throughout your site. People want to see that others have had a positive experience interacting with your brand, and they want to see which products and services perform best, which is why you should add star ratings for products and complement them with lengthy reviews that go into detail about your brand and its offering. Reviews and ratings are among the key elements you need to have on your site, so don’t dismiss them.

Add user-generated content

Lastly, one of the best ways to build social proof is to simply encourage people to share their own photos and videos on social media and your website showing them using your products or enjoying your services. This will show the world that you have something truly relevant to offer, and this can work whether you’re trying to promote your blog or if you’re running an Ecommerce store.

Wrapping up

Modern marketing is all about shaping peoples’ mindsets and inspiring positive action through brand familiarity, trust, and loyalty. To achieve this, you have to build social proof first, so be sure to use these solutions yourself in order to elevate your standing in your industry.


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