5 Fun Things to do in Queensland, Australia

5 Fun Things to do in Queensland, Australia
28 Feb 2023

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Australia as a continent offers plenty of amusing things to do, and Queensland is the perfect place to start when it comes to exploring the land. The weather is hot and sunny all year long, and there is something fun for everybody. In Queensland, nature is abundant; the beaches are pristine, the islands are tropical, and the Great Barrier Reef is unique. If you are interested in visiting Queensland and having the time of your life, keep reading to learn more about the 5 fun things to do in Queensland, Australia.

For starters, when in Queensland, you should definitely take a swim at one of the stunning Gold Coast beaches. Additionally, you can visit a theme park and get your adrenaline pumping. Another thing you shouldn’t miss in Queensland is snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef and visiting a tropical island. You should also take this opportunity to see Australian native wildlife and learn more about them.

Take a swim at one of the stunning Gold Coast beaches

The first thing Queensland is familiar with is its numerous stunning beaches. So, one of the things you should definitely do when visiting Queensland is swim at some of these fascinating beaches. As the weather is hot and sunny all year long, you are able to enjoy the beaches any time of the year. One of the most popular beaches is Surfers Paradise. There are also other beaches with fewer tourists if you prefer privacy – Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta. There are numerous restaurants and cafes where you can chill after swimming. You can enjoy several water sports, such as kayaking, SUP, surfing, etc. And suppose you fall in love with the Sunshine Coast Region. In that case, you can always consider hiring one of the best real estate agents in Mooloolaba to find you a vacation property to buy or rent for longer.

Visit a theme park and get the adrenaline pumping

After exploring the beaches, you can do a different activity that will pump your adrenaline. There is a number of adrenaline parks you can visit in Queensland. Some of them are even considered to be among the best ones in the world. One of the favourites is definitely Dreamworld. Besides being a theme park, it also features a water park and a wildlife park, which is pretty impressive. Other popular theme parks include Movie World, featuring awesome rollercoasters, Sea World, where you can see diverse marine life and Wet n Wild, featuring one of the best water slides in the world.

Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a unique place in the world, there is no other place similar to it. So, it is surely something worth the bucket list. It is the world’s largest coral reel system. It is located in the waters of the Queensland east coast, and it stretches from Bundaberg in the south up to far north in Queensland. Some of the most popular spots for visiting the Great Barrier Reef are Cairns, Daintree or Port Douglas. Cairns has the easiest access for tourists, so naturally, it is the most crowded, while Port Douglas, which is a bit further north, has fewer tourists and might be more appropriate if you are trying to keep a low profile having invested in anonymous travel.

Visit a tropical island

Queensland is also famous for its beautiful tropical islands, so it’s another thing to add to your list. The Whitsundays are the most popular Queensland islands, and they are located off the coast of Airlie Beach. Sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise water characterise these islands. You can also stay on islands, including Hamilton, Hayman, and Daydream. Moreover, you can also take a scenic flight over the Whitsundays. Around Brisbane, there are also some of the most stunning islands, such as Fraser Island, Stradbroke Island, and Moreton Island.

See Australian native wildlife

Another thing you shouldn’t miss when in Queensland is seeing Australian native wildlife. You can see wildlife in the wild but also at various wildlife sanctuaries. Some of the best animal reserves you can visit include Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast, Lone Pine in Brisbane, and Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast. You can see animals such as Australian lizards, koalas, freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, various birds of prey, kangaroos, tortoises, otters, red pandas and tigers.

These are just some of the many fun things you can do in Queensland. There are plenty more – you can find out about them online and choose the most suitable ones.

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