The 5 Essentials Of A Successful AirBnb Rental

The 5 Essentials Of A Successful AirBnb Rental
25 Nov 2019

Temporary rentals are increasingly popular, whether they are for holiday or for business travellers who need to travel for work. Landlords who want to maximize their property income can boost their chances with an Airbnb advert. However, not every property can become a winner. Popular rentals share standard features that attract guests. If you’re looking for a profitable Airbnb side hustle, you need to make sure your home meets the following criteria for holidaymakers and business travellers.

AirBnb kitchen

#1. A real kitchen

Most people who choose a rental over a hotel room want to enjoy the full range of independent facilities that are not available in a hotel. Being able to cook their own meals plays a significant role in the decision. Indeed, cooking allows your guests to save money on food, as they don’t need to eat in restaurants. Therefore, your guests pay close attention to the facilities in your Airbnb rental. They expect a fully equipped kitchen with at least a small hob, an oven, a kettle, and a fridge. It’s your responsibility to make sure they can use your kitchen without issues, which means that any oven or fridge repair work should happen before welcoming your guests. It’s also a good idea to prepare a welcoming hamper with essentials seasoning, and necessary ingredients for late arrivals!

AirBnb laundry

#2. Laundry facilities at hand

Travellers need to be able to wash their clothes. Indeed, business people who are going to be away from home for an extended period or holidaymakers who are visiting the area can’t afford to carry a whole wardrobe with them. Consequently, rentals that provide laundry facilities such as a washing machine in the property or open facilities in the basement – as it is often the case in large buildings – are more appealing. You can also keep your laundry products available to your guests.

AirBnb netflix

#3. Netflix and chill

Does the Netflix experience matter? The answer is yes. When you’ve got long days at work or in public transport, you want to relax in the evening. Offering your guests the opportunity to sit down and chill with a nice meal while watching their favourite show is the best way to make them feel at home. Make sure to get your data subscription and Internet provider under control so that your guests don’t struggle with slow buffering!

AirBnb bedroom

#4. A comfortable bed

Fair enough, not every property is an XL size mansion. However, you should make sure your sleeping arrangements remain spacious. Ideally, beds should not be smaller than a double-sized mattress – unless you’re offering kids’ bedding too. Most travellers have a king-sized bed at home, and therefore need the same level of comfort when they’re on the road.

AirBnb se;f check in

#5. Easy check-in solutions

Finally, as harsh as it might sound, your guests don’t want to meet you. They just want to find a place to rest. After a long day of travel, the last thing people want is to maintain a polite conversation before gaining access to the rental. Using self check-in can not only save your guests precious time, but it will also make sure your rental is popular on the Airbnb platform.

AirBnb bring me home

Of course, quirky decor and convenient location make a huge difference for your rental. However, making sure you’ve got the basics right can boost your Airbnb income significantly!

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