Crafts for Kids: 5 DIY Projects that use a Flashlight

Crafts for Kids: 5 DIY Projects that use a Flashlight
22 Jul 2022

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Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

There’s something about light that captivates and fascinates us – looking up at the stars, light streaming through stained-glass windows, shadows in the evening. Here are five crafty DIY projects you can do at home to explore and marvel at the properties of light.

flashlight constellations

Constellation Flashlight

Have you ever wanted to lay in bed and look up at the stars? With this simple project, you can shine star constellations on your roof or wall with a flashlight and black paper disks.

Create small, round circles from black construction paper that fit exactly into the top of the flashlight, and punch small dots in each paper disk in the shape of a star constellation. Then, fit a disk, turn on the flashlight, and shine it at a wall or the roof in the dark to have your very own home planetarium!

For further instructions and photos, see “constellation flashlight discs”.

flashlight tin cans

Tin (Food) Canister Lamp

Continuing on the theme of stars, this is a star-like lamp you can make by drilling holes in a food tin canister.

Place the lid on the surface where you want the lamp to be and secure the flashlight on top, facing up and turned on. Turn of the lights in the room, place the canister over the top, and now you will have beautiful patterns of light shining all around your walls.

Check out more pictures of this project here.

Faux Stained Glass Luminary

Here’s another lamp you can make with a flashlight that features colour patterns.

This lamp uses a glass or plastic container with flat sides, and DecoArt glass stain paints in black and color for the design. It takes 24 hours for the paint each side to dry completely, so decorating the container takes at least four days.

Follow these instructions from “Crafts by Amanda”, then secure the flashlight to the base, turn it on, and enjoy the patterns of coloured light shining out of your luminary.

flashlight cd

Rainbows with a CD, Flashlight and Paper

If you’re into recycled art or you’ve got kids that love rainbows, compact discs are a cheap and easy alternative to glass prisms for creating a rainbow effect.

CDs are made of aluminum with ridges, so they reflect light and refract the white light into the colours of the rainbow. Simply place the CD close to a wall in a dark room and shine the flashlight onto the CD at different angles to make the rainbows of light bounce onto the wall.

flashlight shadow puppets

Shadow Puppet Theatre

The final craft project with a flashlight is tons of fun for storytelling with kids.

You can make a simple shadow puppet theatre from a cardboard box with the base removed and two pieces of white tissue paper stuck over the hole as a screen. Then, make some simple shadow puppets, position the flashlight so that the light fills the screen, and let the show begin!

While these five projects are simple to make and only require a few materials, it’s helpful to have a good quality flashlight to get the best results. I like the NiteCore LED flashlights for a nice, strong beam.

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