5 Campgrounds in Canada That Are Ideal For Summer Camping

5 Campgrounds in Canada That Are Ideal For Summer Camping
04 Aug 2021

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It is July, and Summer is finally here in Canada. For sure, you already have a set of activities in mind. But what better way to spend your summer months than to seek out Canada’s great outdoors and sleep under the stars, right?

Yeah, camping is an excellent summer activity for families and friends out there, and there are also healthy benefits that you can get when going on camping. Plus with the picturesque landscapes and refreshing air of Canada, I don’t know why you wouldn’t try it “out” (pun well-intended).

So, if you want to experience the great Canadian outdoors, here are some places in Canada that are perfect to spend your summer camping.

Two Jack Lakeside Campground in Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff National Park is an old and majestic National Park in Canada, and there’s a camping site there which is a favourite for many campers. At Two Jack Lakeside Campground, you can indulge yourself in a trek along flower-filled meadows or a swim in nearby pristine lakes.

You can also find picnic shelters and private bungalows for rental in the area, and a clean source of water for your needs.

Living Forest Oceanside Campground, Nanaimo, British Columbia

If you want to go on camping to take a break from the hustle and noise of the city, then this campground in Nanaimo, British Columbia is the place for you. Arriving at Living Forest makes you feel like you’re so far away from urban civilization.

At Living Forest, you can only find gifts of nature such as lakes, forests, and the ocean. Yeah, there are campsites in Living Forest that’s near the waterfront, allowing you to literally camp just a few feet away from the ocean.

You can also spot eagles there taking in the awesome view of Living Forest from a great vantage point while you’re below them doing the same in another viewpoint.

Le Bleuvet Campground in Saguenay Fjord National Park, Quebec

Witness the merging of the St. Lawrence and Saguenay rivers when you visit and explore the Le Bleuvet Campground in Saguenay Fjord National Park. The campground boasts 50 campsites with complete camping amenities, like washroom facilities, and fire pits.

Aside from those ready-for-use amenities, there are also hiking trails and an observation deck in Le Bleuvet if you want to witness marine species like the beluga. You can also experience fishing, kayaking, and swimming in the area.

Meat Cove Campground, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

For those campers who are looking for a challenging trip, Meat Cove campground is the place to be. Just north of Cape Breton, you can find and explore this small yet beautiful village of Meat Cove. Most of its hiking trails are unpaved and rugged, making it a perfect place for those adventurous campers.

While you’re in Meat Cove, don’t forget to indulge yourself in its perfectly priced seafood delicacies and beer. You can also find a lot of birds and wildlife species in the area. If you want to visit Meat Cove Campground, you need to have hiking boots, proper camping gear, and other equipment for your visit.

Torngat Mountains National Park, Newfoundland

The Torngat Mountains National Park is a go-to campground by many Canadian and foreign campers because of the exceptional beauty of its landscape. However, if you want to explore this wonderful place, you need to submit a waiver and medical certificate to the authorities before your visit, if not to mention a careful plan for your trip.

But all these requirements are worth the time, for the picturesque gifts of nature at Torngat Mountains. For instance, you can find in the area an ancient village built by the Inuit. There’s also impressive waterfalls, pristine beaches, and challenging hiking trails for you to experience.

Since you’re now in a historical place, take your time and learn about the culture of the Inuit by visiting ancient grave sites in the area. There are tours and programs in the Torngat Mountains for you to have a guided and educational experience of its culture and history.

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Camping in Canada

Canada has many places to offer when you’re talking about camping. With its beautiful landscapes and abundant gifts of nature, Canada should be on the top of your camping bucket list. You can pick from the list of the best camping places in Canada above if you want to experience what it’s like camping in this beautiful country.

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