Gardening 101: 5 Advantages of having a Garden at Home

Gardening 101: 5 Advantages of having a Garden at Home
11 May 2020

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All of us know that nature is amazing but more often than not we only prefer to enjoy it from afar. We occasionally visit the local park and think we have done our duty of loving and appreciating nature. But why do we not take advantage of the opportunity to bring nature to our homes? Putting a few potted plants around your house for décor is not going to cut. What you need is a garden at home. Only then will you be able to reap the countless benefits of all your plants and flowers on a regular basis.

Apart from its numerous health benefits, a garden also adds to the beauty of your house. The garden not only becomes the ideal place for your family’s evening hangouts but also for house parties. However, the following five advantages are the reason why you must have a garden at home.

boys playing in garden

1. Enjoyment for Kids:

If your area doesn’t have a nice public park, your kids won’t have a place to play. You can’t send them to the park that doesn’t have any attractions for kids. In fact, such parks might be home to criminal activities and should be avoided by everyone. When you have a garden at home, you can turn a part of it into a little play area for your kids.

Your kids will never want to leave the house for playing once they get a play area of their own. You can also invite your kids’ friends from time to time and increase the level of fun for everyone. You can set up a table on one side and have a little tea party with the parents as their kids play in your garden.

Create a perfect garden which will be perfectly safe for your kids’ health too as you will clean it regularly and won’t use harmful chemicals there. It is a perfect New Year gift for your kids.

garden onions

2. 24/7 Access to Fresh Vegetables:

You can get fresh vegetables from your garden whenever you need. You won’t have to wait a particular day to go to the farmer’s market and get fresh vegetables. All you have to do is open the door and step out in your garden to get fresh vegetables.

The regular access to fresh vegetables also means that you never have to settle for veggies that are a bit too ripe or almost ripe. You can also save money by growing your own vegetables and avoiding an extra trip to the market to buy them.

garden girl playing

3. Control:

When you have a garden at home and grow your own food, you control everything. You can decide which chemicals to use and which to avoid. You can recycle waste products from the kitchen to make nutrient-rich additives for your garden. You can water your crops with fresh well water. You can skip the pesticides so you can get completely organic vegetables.

The total control on your crops also allows you to enjoy the rich flavor of freshly picked vegetables. You can consume them quickly after harvesting and get to know the taste you never experienced when you brought organic food from a store. Another benefit of consuming veggies quickly after harvesting is that you will get their full health benefit as freshly harvested vegetables have more nutrients.

garden carrots

4. Positive Environmental Impact:

When you grow vegetables at home and avoid the use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides, you will be leaving a positive impact on the environment. Our environment has suffered enough damage already, and the process continues due to the negative choices of the people of the Earth. Although no one person can save the planet from destruction, we can all play our part and hope that it inspires others to do the same.

By avoiding the use of chemicals, you save the environment from pollution and the groundwater from contamination. These practices will also teach your kids to care about the environment in their day to day lives. By making responsible decisions, you will help your kids become responsible too.

Another way your garden will help the environment is by reducing erosion and keeping the soil in one place. Soil erosion can cause a lot of problems and if we are to keep the planet safe then reducing soil erosion is a must.

garden sunshine

5. The Love of Sun:

There is one benefit of having a garden at home that is extremely underrated. When you go to tend to your garden, you will get Vitamin D, a much-needed vitamin whose deficiency can cause severe problems for your bones. Spending thirty minutes in your garden can do wonders for your health.

You can also teach your kids some gardening techniques and help them get this essential vitamin in the process. Vitamin D deficiency is getting common in kids who spend most of their times indoor. Gardening is a great way to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

Now that you know the top five advantages of having a garden at home, it’s time to make a list of the vegetables you want to grow in yours. You will be amazed at how beneficial your garden can be for your family’s health.

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