4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Dog

4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Dog
24 Apr 2019

Having a dog can be amazing, but there are mistakes that owners make every day, some without even realizing what they are doing. There’s a ton of conflicting information out there, it’s true; however, we’re going to give you 4 things you should never, ever do with your dog. Take a look:

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Use Fear As A Way To Discipline Them

Some people think that rubbing their dog’s nose in the carpet when they’ve made a mess, or screaming at them, or even threatening them with a newspaper will get them to behave. Do you really want to give your dog trust issues and make them afraid of you? You can discipline your dog without doing any of those things. Being calm and assertive is always the best way to discipline your dog. Plus, if they have made a mess, remember that it can take time for them to learn not to do it in the house when they are young. If you’ve left them alone for too long, it could even be your fault.

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2. Feed Them Human Food

Some human foods dogs can have, such as sweet potato. However, other human foods should never be given to them; chocolate, grapes, and foods that contain too much salt should all be avoided.

dog puppy canine

3. Ignore Signs That They Are Ill

You know your dog best, so if they are acting strangely, don’t ignore it. Things can change quickly, and you’ll wish you had taken them to the vet sooner.

dog puppy canine

4. Leave Your Dog In The Car

Never leave your dog alone in a car, even if you think you’ll only be a minute. The infographic below has more info!

credit to Lucky Labs

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