4 Tech Safety Tips to Educate Your Employees On

4 Tech Safety Tips to Educate Your Employees On
20 Oct 2021

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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is an integral part of our lives. The average person spends five hours a day on their phone! That is a lot of time spent using the device that we carry with us everywhere we go. As such, it’s important to take precautions and teach your employees how to use technology in the workplace safely. This blog post will give you some simple tech safety etiquette to train your employees so that they can be safe while they’re working for you!

#1 Use strong passwords

The first thing you should do when it comes to simple tech safety etiquette is to train your employees on how important good passwords are. A strong password will keep their information safe. Still, a weak password can give hackers the keys they need to break into someone’s account and steal sensitive data or change an employee’s email address so that they no longer receive work-related messages. So teach them what makes a strong password by explaining things like using varied capitalization, having numbers in addition to letters, not using names of people or pets, etc.

Encourage your employees to use unique passwords for each website or app instead of reusing one easy-to-remember password across multiple accounts. This way, if one site gets hacked, all of their personal information won’t be exposed!

#2 Utilize cybersecurity software

The last simple tech safety etiquette to teach your employees is the importance of cybersecurity software. Cybersecurity software can help protect against malware and viruses, which will also reduce their risk of data loss in the event that something happens to their phone or tablet. Utilizing CleanMyMac can be a lifesaver when your software is riddled with malware. But, of course, if they use a business-issued device, then managers and executives need to purchase insurance, so it would be covered by the company’s policy if anything were to happen!

#3 Do not allow access to your device to anyone else

This is probably the most crucial rule of simple tech safety etiquette to teach your employees. If someone else has access to their phone or tablet, they can install apps that allow them to monitor what you do on your device and record anything you type with a keylogger app.

As such, it’s vital that everyone uses two-factor authentication for email accounts where possible so that even if hackers figure out one password, they still need another code sent via text message before gaining full access. Encourage all of your managers and executives to set up passcodes on any mobile devices used for work purposes as well – this ensures no data gets stolen!

#4 Backup everything

This first step should help them protect themselves against more than 90% of mobile threats out there – data loss due to malware or hardware failure (which includes something as seemingly harmless as dropping their phone). Next, train them on backing up all personal information stored on their devices onto a computer or another phone, using the cloud to store too large files for an average mobile device, and backing up their apps. This way, if anything happens, they won’t lose important information!

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