4 Reasons Why Your Residential Windows Need to Be Replaced

4 Reasons Why Your Residential Windows Need to Be Replaced
22 Oct 2020

You already know that something needs to be done with your home’s windows. Would some repairs be enough? In some instances, that may be a practical way to go. At other times, you may need to focus more on finding the right Edmonton replacement windows company to install completely new windows. Here are some signs that you should forget about repairs and start looking for suitable replacements.

You Feel Drafts

There are definite drafts near several windows. The drafts may be due to sashes that have deteriorated and no longer fit properly. It’s also possible for cracks around the frames to develop, leaving tiny gaps where air seeps in with ease. While that may not seem like a big problem during more moderate seasons, those drafts are real issues during the hottest part of summer and the coldest nights of winter.

Instead of trying to fill in the cracks or gaps, consider investing in new windows instead. The drafts will be gone and you’ll be able to stand or sit by a window in greater comfort.

There Are Hot and Cold Spots Throughout the House

Those drafts do more than make it uncomfortable to be close by the windows. They add to the creation of hot or cold spots in various parts of the house. While one area may feel just right, others have you reaching for a sweater or attempting to find something with short sleeves.

Rather than living with the hot or cold spots, do look into replacing every window in the home. Once that’s done, it will be easier to control the temperature in every area of the home. You’ll also notice that your heating and cooling bills are likely to decrease a bit. Depending on how much the windows were affecting the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature, you could notice as much as a 25% decrease in energy consumption.

The Windows Don’t Work Properly

Some of the windows seem to work fine. Others require a great deal of upper body strength to raise or lower a sash. There are other windows that can be opened, but the sashes will come crashing down unless something is used to prop them open. None of these situations are acceptable.

At this juncture, you may be tempted to take a look at some Lowe’s windows reviews and rush to place an order. A better solution is to hire a contractor who can determine exactly what’s needed to ensure you have the best windows at the most competitive price. Best of all, the contractor can recommend window styles that may be a better fit for you and for the home.

New Windows Would Improve the Look of the Place

All the painting and cleaning can only do so much for older windows. After a certain point, they will still look like they’re worn out. It’s not just about how the windows look; it’s the impact they have on the appearance of the entire property. Even with a manicured landscape and beautifully maintained exteriors, the windows still make the place look a little run down.

New windows change that. Along with improved energy efficiency and the ability to open and close the sashes at will, new windows make the entire property look a little better. That will make you proud every time you pull up in the driveway.

Could you use new residential windows? Call a contractor today. Coming up with the right solution may be easier and more affordable than you think.

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