4 Reasons Why Parenting In The Modern World Is So Hard

4 Reasons Why Parenting In The Modern World Is So Hard
25 Apr 2023

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Few things in life can compare to the exciting role of a parent. It’s a journey filled with joy, and one of the most important roles you can take on. That being said, it’s also a path full of different challenges, especially in the setting that is today’s world. Modern parenting can be difficult to navigate, which is why so many parents these days feel like their roles are too overwhelming and demanding.

But before you jump to any conclusions and start blaming yourself, try to be objective first and consider the unrealistic standards and expectations that the modern world puts on modern parents. Below, four reasons why parenting in the modern world is so hard.

The idea that you have to do it all by yourself

You know what they say about raising kids – it takes a village to do it! So, why are modern parents expected to do everything on their own? In today’s set-up, a parent is expected to raise their children, maintain friendships as well as their relationship with their partner, stay on top of household chores, prioritize their physical and mental health, and all that while excelling at work.

Unless you have some kind of superpower, the pressure to succeed at all these fields can cause you to stretch yourself too thin, so much so that it’s just a matter of time when you’ll experience a burnout.

Getting healthy habits to stick is quite difficult

We all understand the importance of instilling healthy habits in kids from the get-go. However, as children grow older, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of how healthy they’re eating. This is especially true since sweets are seen as a reward and a means of winning over the little ones, not to mention the amount of sugary foods that is being advertised to kids these days.

However, the consumption of such low-nutrient foods can be detrimental to a child’s health. Continued consumption of added sugars often ends up in a visit to a pediatric hormones doctor specialist to help address hormonal imbalances. What’s more, excessive sugar in a child’s diet can lead to everything from cavities to diabetes and obesity. Prevention is better than cure, so decide what’s best for your child and stick to it, whether that means eliminating sugar completely or regulating its intake.

The social media’s pressure to be a perfect parent

We live in a digital age, and although it certainly offers multiple benefits, it also has a couple of downsides. One of them is the amount of pressure that social media puts on us, and parents are no exception.

The picture-perfect families with parents that are always smiling and kids that are well-behaved can result in ourselves setting unrealistic standards for ourselves. 

Although we’re all aware by now that social media is one big highlight reel, we can’t really help but compare ourselves to others and how they’re doing. And when you’re doing that on a daily basis, it can really take a toll on your mental health and lead to depression. While deleting your social media may be a big step to take, you could at least limit the amount of time you spend online and focus on what you can do to improve IRL.

Lack of real human connection

Back in the day, it wasn’t unusual for families to live together, take care of each other’s needs, and spend time together. You’d have exposure to other people’s children and babies long before having your own, and you’d already have an idea of what parenting looks like and what it involves.

These days, although we’re connected more than ever before, there’s a lack of real human connection and interaction. Parents are spending more time outside of their homes, and families live in different cities and even states, and all this contributes to that lack of exposure that would otherwise be a normal part of our life in the past.

Navigating modern-day parenting one step at a time

There’s no denying the multitude of challenges that the modern world puts parents through these days. While it is common for parents to feel as if they’re all alone, the truth is, all parents come to a point where they question their approach to parenting and whether they’re successful at it. 

Times have changed, and although they have made parenting more difficult, some days you just have to give yourself a break and remind yourself that you’re doing the best that you can on any given day.


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