4 Questions to Find the Perfect Fitness Regimen For You

4 Questions to Find the Perfect Fitness Regimen For You
25 Mar 2021

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By now, everyone knows the positive link between mental health and exercise. Despite this, some people still find it difficult to find something that works for them. Many factors contribute to this, but just because you’ve not found your ideal workout routine doesn’t mean you never will. To get there, consider these questions to help you decide what’s the best approach to help you get into shape and live a healthier life.

What Are Your Goals?

No matter who you are, you should have fitness goals as these will motivate you to pursue your fitness regimen and stick to it. But, everyone has different goals. Some want to build muscle, others want to lose weight, and some people merely want to be more active, regardless of how they achieve this. Knowing your goals can direct you towards an activity that’s right for you. If you want to lose weight, you probably don’t want to lift heavy weights, but rather run or play a sport. On the other hand, those with muscle-building goals would be better off at the gym rather than the field.

What Is Your Ability Level?

Most people grew up exposed to some kind of sport or activity whether they liked it or not. But, once you left school, you probably pursued fitness as much as you could have done. This will impact your current ability and experience. If maybe you have dipped your toe into a sport but not played too seriously. Alternatively, you could be a total amateur that is still learning the basics. Understanding your experience will help you pick an activity (and even a class) that matches what you can do.

What Do You Enjoy?

Cast your mind back to activities you have done before, as this will give you an easier time choosing your fitness routine. Doing activities you’re familiar with gives you more confidence and avoids the awkward learning curve that can dissuade you from carrying on. However, maybe you want to try something different that you’ve never done before. This is possible, too, so look for local clubs or centers that offer classes.

Where Do You Live?

Ideally, everyone would live somewhere that it is easy to do whatever you want, whether running, cycling, or rock climbing. However, this isn’t the case. People who live in the suburbs can find running or cycling routes more easily than those in the city, and the lack of crowds means there’s less chance of requiring a bicycle accident lawyer. If you live in the city, you should have better access to gyms and other fitness classes, but hiking and outdoor adventures may require you to travel a little. Think about convenience and measure this against how passionate you are about what you want to do.

The Perfect Regimen

The beauty of exercise is that there are so many options out there, you’re sure to find something that will appeal to you., although hitting the gym or running are the two most popular approaches, this doesn’t have to be what you do. From team sports to unique, and unusual activities, the possibilities are out there as long as you can find them.

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