4 Of The Most Common Appliance Problems – And How To Fix Them

4 Of The Most Common Appliance Problems – And How To Fix Them
29 Apr 2019

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It’s a fact of life; sometimes our household appliances break down. While the easiest solution is to call an appliance repair company, sometimes it’s just not convenient to remedy every issue with the hassle and sometimes eye-watering expense of a professional repair. In many cases, these fixes are simple enough to tackle yourself in just a few easy steps. So we’ve put together, some tips to keep your appliances running smoothly.

A Horrible Smell In Your Washing Machine

Bad smells in your washing machine, can make your whole laundry day a nightmare. If you want to get your clothes clean and fresh, but your machine smells bad, simple household vinegar can solve the problem. Put two cups of vinegar and a half a cup of baking soda in the drum and run an empty cycle on the hottest setting. Repeat until the problem is resolved. To prevent this issue from occurring do the treatment every few months and remember to leave the washing machine door open between washes to allow the inside to dry out.

Your Refrigerator Is Not Cold Enough

A semi-cold fridge is never a good sign. Not having your fridge set to the correct temperature, means that not only will your cold foods not be as delicious and refreshing, you’re also running the risk of allowing your food to stored at a temperature just perfect for bacteria which can make you sick. This issue can sometimes be caused by dirt and dust build-up on your fridge coils. Simply, unplug the appliance and give the coils a thorough vacuum and see if this gets your fridge back to being ice cold.

There’s a Clicking Igniter on Your Gas Stove

If the igniter on your gas cooker clicks without the flame ever igniting, check to make sure that your burner cap has not slightly moved out of alignment. Also keeping your oven clean and free of debris may help as frequent spills can cause a dirty igniter and therefore blockages. Simply wiping down your appliance with a warm cloth after cooking or using an old toothbrush or pin to remove any caked on product can be a quick and easy fix.

You Have a Wobbly Washing Machine

A wobbling washing machine can produce a huge noise and isn’t a great way to get your clothes sparkling fresh. To fix the problem of your washing machine suddenly banging about, rotate the legs at the bottom of the appliance until each corner is at even heights. If this doesn’t fix the issue it could be that your washer is off kilter. When putting your clothing into the drum make sure that they are evenly spaced out and not all on one side.

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