Planning for Greatness: 4 Huge SEO Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Planning for Greatness: 4 Huge SEO Trends You Need to Know for 2020
17 Apr 2020

As marketers already know, SEO is often quite a rollercoaster of changes and unexpected alterations that affect your presence in search results one way or another. For most small to mid-sized businesses, this means staying in the dark while trying to find the most appropriate strategies to market your business with the help of SEO, since there are other, often more pressing business matters these companies attend to on a daily basis. That simple fact often keeps brands from evolving fast enough in terms of SEO, so they keep falling behind and using older, less effective methods in their industry.

To prevent that, it’s essential to prepare your business for the rollercoaster we like to call the 2020 – it’s already proving to be quite a challenge to maintain a high position in the SERPs considering the global health crisis and the major shift in supply and demand of specific products and services. The following trends are expected to shape the market to a great extent and help you position yourself better in the months to come.

Reviews and testimonials to the forefront

Content has always been a top priority for any brand that genuinely wants to build a lasting legacy and entice loyalty among their customers. It’s also used for attracting top talent during the hiring process, so content marketing is still a key prerequisite to success in your entire business, and especially your SEO. However, in 2020, one particular aspect of this marketing strategy will earn more attention than ever before: user-generated content, and even more specifically, reviews and testimonials.

You should aim to publish even more relevant content created by your customers to showcase your brand from their perspective. It’s much more effective when your happy customers promote your products or services genuinely than when you stick to sales-y product descriptions that are so obviously exaggerated with fluffy, fancy wording. Reviews and testimonials invite organic keyword implementation, and they are treated like a top ranking factor by Google to recognize brands that provide an excellent service.

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Localizing content more than ever

Every country, state, and city behave like their own micro-markets, like universes of unique customers that show their interest in local businesses and their products and services more than the rest of the world. Google sees this as a clear signal to promote specific brands to specific groups of people, and if you have no clear strategy as to how to target your local audience, you’re falling behind.

Take New York as a perfect example of a saturated market with many choices where brands need specific ways to stand out. Brands here turn to specialized SEO services for New York that will put them at the forefront of the local audience more effectively than any other approach. Localization within SEO is becoming more vital than ever, which is a major step for many small businesses, hence the need for many to allow professionals to take care of their needs.

Mobile comes first

It’s no coincidence that search engines now require extremely fast-loading, scalable, easy-to-navigate mobile websites from businesses – this trend is customer-driven perhaps more than all others. We have become accustomed to a very fast pace of living, which has changed how we browse, shop, and interact with businesses online. We do so by using our smartphones, on the go, using a wide array of apps and browsers.

So, naturally, Google now treats your mobile site as the primary version, which means that it needs to be truly outstanding in quality and glitch-free for an excellent user experience at every turn. As more users switch and get used to handheld devices, this trend is only expected to grow in 2020.

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Building authority with links

Once upon a time, brands would do anything and everything to disperse as many links as humanly possible across the internet, with no or little concern as to the quality of target sites that would publish the content containing those links. Although these practices have drastically changed over the years because Google and other search engines started penalizing irrelevant content posting stuffed with keywords and similar unethical link building practices, the actual process of link-building remains pivotal.

In fact, this practice is now one of the most relevant factors in establishing authority in any given market. If you want your brand to be perceived as the leader and trust-worthy entity that you claim it to be, you need to build quality links on relevant, quality sites, and earn them even more than ever. Link-building has changed in form, but its substance remains crucial for your SEO results.

Chances are that the SEO rules will continue to change with the evolving customer needs and search behavior, so listing a few essential guidelines is far from the only thing you need in your strategy. Above all else, beyond all of these important implementations that can elevate your 2020 strategy, you need to stay informed and learn about the changing SEO tides to make sure you’re not far behind everyone else, but leading the way in your industry.


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