4 Essential Tips to Stay Safe When on Holiday

4 Essential Tips to Stay Safe When on Holiday
24 Jun 2022

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Have an upcoming holiday planned, but worried about your safety? While you won’t want to let this fear consume you, it’s not unwise to have a level of caution before any trip away. Let’s run through four essential tips which will go a long way to guaranteeing you remain safe ahead of your next holiday.

1. Watch out for pickpockets

While this sounds like something you’d associate with Victorian times, there are an alarming number of pickpockets still roaming the streets. This has gotten quite severe in parts of Europe, where gangs of children are being taught how to steal from unsuspecting members of the public.

These kids will often approach you feigning homelessness, with hands stretched out asking for money. It’s hard to ignore this kind of plea – but you’ll often notice in these circumstances that there are several children crowded around together at one time. If you see this, it’s a sure sign something fishy is happening.

2. Stay together

Stick together in a group at all times. This is particularly important in the case of families. The last thing you’ll want to happen is for one of the little ones to suddenly go missing. Keep your eyes peeled at all times, and stick close.

Should the worst happen in this regard, CTI have some top tips for staying calm. They suggest setting up a “getting lost” plan. This involves you setting a designated meeting point to walk back towards and rendezvous at. Make sure it’s something very easy to find which your kids will be able to spot from miles away.

3. Drink in moderation

We all like having a laugh, but sometimes there has to be a limit to the amount of alcohol we can consume. As the Alcohol Rehab Guide point out with a number of alarming figures, the introduction of booze has a massive impact on the rate of many different crimes.

We’re not suggesting for a moment that you should outright avoid consuming any alcohol on your travels – but do try to at least moderate your intake. You’ll be a lot more focused, and aware of the dangers around you. This chemical has a habit of blurring the senses and encouraging you to put yourself in dangerous positions.

4. Use common sense

This is a broad term, but it applies to lots of things when it comes to your travels. Just some of the areas where you can take additional, sensible precautions include:

• Hotel rooms: use a safe if you’re going to leave valuables in your room
• Updates: let people know where you are heading if you go off on your own
• Food: do your research about what kinds of foods are a risk of carrying food poisoning
• Fellow tourists: If you see someone acting up (drunk or otherwise) avoid them. Don’t get involved, even if they speak the same language as you

These are just a handful of practical measures you can use to avoid putting yourself in any sort of danger.

Have you picked up some top tips for avoiding danger when you’re on your next vacation? Make sure to follow the advice we’ve provided here to steer clear of trouble in the future.

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