4 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Bug Free

4 Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Bug Free
18 Oct 2021

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Bugs and other pests are a major hassle. They can affect your home such as the cleanliness, destroy your belongings, and it can get as bad as putting you or even your family in danger. With the number of bugs, pests, and other annoying wildlife out there, it’s best to look into ways to avoid them. One of the best ways is to just have a clean home both inside and out. These simple tips will keep your home pest-free and stress-free.

Look into warning signs

Warning signs can be anything such as seeing some bit marks on your plants, noticing tears and rips you’ve never seen before, but it can even be as simple as the changing season. Warning signs are usually small ways to inform you that something is potentially happening or something will happen. For instance, once it begins getting cold outside, you’ll want to double-check that all cracks are sealed off and there is plenty of pest control remover around the home. You’ll also want to take the precaution that any plastic bags of food are switched into containers

Secure outside

Unless you’re keen on dealing with wildlife removal, you’ll want to take some precautions to make sure nothing will happen to attract pests. Wildlife such as coyotes, bears, and raccoons love going through trash cans. In these cases, you’ll want to make sure that your trash can’s lid is tightly sealed on. This also gives you the chance to check your pipes, chimney, roof tiles, windows, and even your vents as well. Some of these hard-to-reach spots are quite sneaky and small critters can easily fit through.

Get to cleaning

Even if it wasn’t due to pests and rodents, you’ll still need a clean home to fight off black mold. You should vacuum regularly, wipe down and clean all the nooks and crannies in your home. You’ll especially want to clean the kitchen such as under your appliances and even behind them as there tends to be a lot of crumbs in these areas. You should think about the living conditions some animals have. Roaches, for instance, hate light but they love paper. So they’ll most likely stick to boxes with paper, magazines, or anywhere else that contains paper.

You should also be selective on what foods you leave out and how they’re preserved. While fresh fruits make a nice centerpiece and decorative accent, fruit flies love those. Boxes and bags of food are easily accessible for bugs such as moths and ants. You’ll want to be sure to get rid of any food that’s out in the open because this is one of the major ways to attract pets.

Keep your home dry

Pests love water, especially gnats. Wet areas are essentially a breeding ground for some of these areas, even a drinking fountain too. If you have dirty dishes in your sink, you should try to look into washing them regularly. This includes the drain itself, as it needs to be cleaned. Plumbing services will usually offer to clean pipes and drains, as these can be popular spots for pests.

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