Caribbean Vacationing: 3 Stunning Rental Villas in Antigua

Caribbean Vacationing: 3 Stunning Rental Villas in Antigua
25 Feb 2019

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime stay in the Caribbean, then I have a few villas in Antigua to share with you. I fell in love with Antigua while working and living there.

Antigua is a great island for the Canadian visitor, because it is the cheapest North American country for flights. Even the USA, which is closer, has more expensive flights. So for this reason, I am very grateful to share these villas with you all.

There are three locations which differ for what they offer: Jolly Harbour, Galley Bay Heights, and finally Tamarind Hills. 3 great Antigua villas for you to start your search for a luxury home you can rent for your family vacation, friends getaway, or wedding party.

Dragons Lair Jolly Beach Antigua

Villa 1: Dragons Lair Jolly Beach

Jolly Harbour is a man made development that reclaimed swamp land in the south west of Antigua. It is a gated community, with both roads in gated and staffed, but it is relaxed. Offering marina services and also a lot for the vacationer, it is popular with people looking to rent a villa. It is one of the few destinations to offer real beachside villas. You walk out of the rear doors past the pool and BBQ area, and a small wall separates your villa from the golden sands of South Beach Jolly Harbour. Jolly Harbour is a hub of action with sports bars and restaurants beyond the beach and attractions that will keep you mesmerized during the day.

Dragon’s Lair is a 4 bedroom villa that can sleep 11. With ensuite bathrooms, you can accommodate a group of friends, and guard your privacy. Perfect for your Antigua Wedding, perhaps accommodating your closest party, and the rest can find suitable rentals close by. There are a handful of these luxury villas similarly located, and also a lot of more modestly priced solutions for your friends too.

The Beach House Galley Bay Heights Antigua

Villa 2: The Beach House Galley Bay Heights

Galley Bay Heights is located beyond the five islands village, in an area of stunning beauty, even by Antigua standards. A low lying bluff above Deep Bay and Galley Beach provides the location for multimillion dollar developments, tempting enough for Giorgio Armani. Properties here have beach access via a tiny walk. There are many advantages such as the views and breeze if you like to be outside relaxing among the bougainvillea and tropical delights. This is one of Antigua’s most exclusive addresses. One such property of interest is the beach house. 3 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, sleeping 6, in ultimate style and comfort. It features an infinity pool, so you can soak up the west views of Antigua with the tranquility Galley Bay Heights delivers.

Oceans 7 Tamarind Hills Antigua

Villa 3: Oceans 7 Tamarind Hills

Tamarind hills is a private development at the north end of arguably one of Antigua’s most beautiful beaches, called Darkwood Beach. The beach north of Tamarind Hills is Ffryes Beach, which is also an amazing example of the beauty of Antigua beaches. If you like contemporary, then you will love the architecture of all of the villas here. Oceans 7 is a typical example, with large expanses of glass to allow in the maximum light. The main bedroom faces the ocean on the horizon here, so be present for the sunrise and sunset. Or go for a sunrise or sunset swim. Oceans 7 has 3 bedrooms, sleeping 6 in luxury style. You will need $1000 per night to stay in Oceans 7, depending on the season. The pool is an infinity pool, allowing you an unparalleled vista across the sea. 
Tamarind hills is a 5 minute drive from Jolly Harbour, and is considered a great location as well. Many tours and excursions leave from this part of Antigua, but the island is very accessible. You can cross the entire island of Antigua in under an hour.

Hope you get landed soon!


Calvin Crane

Calvin worked in I.T. while in Antigua. While there, he created a best-in-class online platform for all things Antigua, from resorts, to villas, and car rentals. When not writing about travel destinations, Calvin can be found dreaming of fishing, or actually fishing.

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