3 Modern Home Attributes That We All Love

3 Modern Home Attributes That We All Love
23 Jul 2021

Image by Klaus-Uwe Gerhardt from Pixabay

Many people like to talk about the good old days, but when it comes to homes, you’d rather live in today’s era. Back in the previous century, fireplaces were not seen as a quaint ornament in the home but vitally needed. Not everyone had central heating and if you were a low or middle-class income family, then you may not be able to afford to install it either. Nowadays, we have superb modern technology to help us stay comfortable and enjoy our homes. There are 3 particular types of technology that put a smile on our face because they’re so easy to use and they make our living standards a lot better.

Solar energy

In this contemporary age of energy evolution, the one main kind of energy that is making headway is solar. Solar panels have truly evolved since the early 2000s and the technology is only getting more and more affordable. It works a little differently to normal fossil fuel energy with regard to distribution. Take a look at community solar where the solar panels from a field transport their energy to a distributor closer to the customer and then spreads out the energy to those who want it. These fields are usually owned by farmers who will allow solar panels to be placed on their property that would otherwise not be used to grow crops. This supports local farmers, the local community as well as the world.

Robotic cleaners

We’ve seen these little guys in sci-fi movies everywhere, but now they are truly a reality. Robot vacuum cleaners can clean your entire home by themselves. It’s awesome to think that you can program your vacuum robots to clean your home while you’re gone at work or away buying groceries at the store. Coming home to a clean carpet and hardwood kitchen floor, takes a load off your mind and gives you more time to relax with the family. One of the most popular is the Deebot D77, because it has a large inner capacity, great lasers to do accurate cleaning patterns and it’s relatively lightweight. You can also tell it what to do with your app, so if it’s done in one room you can tell it to do the next room over if you forgot to set it in the beginning.

Wireless LED light bulbs

Say goodbye to light switches on the wall, because wireless LED light bulbs can be programmed with your smartphone. You don’t have to pull out your phone to turn them off when you leave the room, as they can be set to work with your motion sensor to turn on and off as you walk in and out of the room. As you can tell, this is so convenient and also can save you money on energy, in case you tend to forget to turn off the lights when you go to sleep or outside to run an errand.

These 3 modern technologies make our lives so much easier and they don’t require you to do much to reap the benefits. Cleaning robots, solar power and wireless lights, what’s not to love about living in the modern era?

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