3 Household Tasks You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

3 Household Tasks You Shouldn’t Do Yourself
19 Aug 2019

We are all guilty of assessing a task and thinking we can take it on ourselves. This may not and should not always be the case.

Even if it does save a little money, we cannot put a price on safety. Today we are going to be looking at a few of those household tasks that we all think we can take on, that we really should not.

Household Reorganization

We all love to redecorate. It is essential should we want to keep our home up to date. Certain household tasks we should absolutely be taking on ourselves, especially when it comes to decorating. It is what comes before the redecoration that can cause issues.

Every now and then, redecoration comes with rearrangement and this can then cause major issues. In a lounge room, we often have our power sockets sporadically spaced and more often than not, we realize that we need more outlets.

This job unbelievably is undertaken by none qualified people and just the homeowner or family member. This can spell incredible danger. House and apartments are wired in very specific ways and adding to the current loop can have devastating results. What is more, this will also completely null and void any house insurance you may have.

Ladder Tasks

Another thing most homeowners take very lightly is external ladder tasks. These not only look quite dangerous, they actually are. Did you know there is a very specific way to seat a ladder? You may not realize it but those people out there that are cleaning gutters, nursing your trees and fixing your roof.

They don’t just have training in their trade. They also have in-depth know-how when it comes to the health and safety of their climbing equipment.

There have even been cases of people falling many stories just from leaning back out of a 6th-floor window to clean the adjacent one. Why not for the sake of your life just hire a window cleaning company. For the sake of a small amount of money, you could keep your own life. After all, there were 20,000 injuries alone last year from ladder falls.

Building Work

Building work is something many people do nowadays undertake on their own. This can cause many problems. The biggest issue this causes is if you come to sell your house.

Most people do not realize that sometimes even the smallest of jobs need permits and permissions. Without these, you will never be able to sell your home without undoing any of the changes you have already made.

Hiring a contractor may seem like the most expensive solution sometimes and the costs can start to add up.

The reason these people charge so much is that they have a lot of bases to cover and they want to do the best and safest possible job for you.

So before you think of undertaking any of the above tasks around the house, ask yourself, is it worth it?

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