Truck Yeah: 2023 Ford F-250 7.3L Lariat Tremor

Truck Yeah: 2023 Ford F-250 7.3L Lariat Tremor
26 Feb 2024

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In the fiercely competitive realm of heavy-duty trucks, the Ford F-250 7.3L Superduty emerges as a beacon of power, precision, luxury, and refined ruggedness. Ford’s commitment to engineering excellence is on full display with the combination of the 7.3L engine and the distinguished Lariat trim with the Tremor Off-Road Package, creating a formidable truck that not only commands attention but promises a driving experience that transcends expectations.

As we excitedly dive into this review, we’ll explore the features that make the Ford F-250 7.3L Lariat a standout in the world of robust pickups, from its commanding performance capabilities to the luxurious touches that elevate it beyond mere utility.

Let’s take a closer look at the 2023 Ford F-250 7.3L Lariat with the Tremor Off-Road Package.



Rating: 9.5

The exterior of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat makes an indelible statement, seamlessly blending rugged masculinity with modern design sensibilities. The truck’s formidable presence is accentuated by its bold and chiseled contours, presenting a robust silhouette that hints at its unwavering capability. At the forefront, the iconic Ford grille takes center stage, radiating strength and brand identity. The addition of the Tremor Off-Road Package elevates the F250’s off-road prowess, featuring eye-catching details such as prominent skid plates, rugged off-road running boards, and an aggressive set of 35” all-terrain LT285/75R18E tires ensconced in robust fender flares.

From a practical standpoint, the exterior design is not just about aesthetics but also emphasizes functionality. The truck bed boasts a tough, durable surface, equipped to handle the rigors of heavy-duty hauling. Distinctive LED lighting elements illuminate the path ahead while contributing to the F250’s contemporary styling. The exterior design of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat strikes an impressive balance between assertive off-road capability and refined aesthetics, making it a standout choice for those who seek a truck that not only performs under pressure but does so with a sense of rugged elegance.



Rating: 9.5

Step inside the cabin of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat, and you’re immediately enveloped in a blend of rugged durability and luxurious comfort. The interior design reflects an astute attention to detail, featuring premium materials and thoughtful craftsmanship. The Lariat trim with the Tremor Off-Road Package takes the refinement up a notch, introducing luxurious elements such as leather upholstery, heated and ventilated seats, and wood or metallic accents that elevate the overall ambiance. The spacious cabin ensures ample room for both driver and passengers, making long journeys or demanding workdays a comfortable experience.

Technological innovation is seamlessly integrated into the interior, with a user-friendly infotainment system at the forefront. The central touchscreen display, equipped with the latest Ford SYNC technology, serves as the command centre for navigation, entertainment, and connectivity. Advanced driver-assistance features enhance safety and convenience, providing a comprehensive suite of tools to assist in various driving scenarios. Whether it’s the intuitive controls on the steering wheel or the available panoramic sunroof that bathes the interior in natural light, every aspect of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat’s interior is designed with the driver and passengers in mind, delivering a harmonious blend of functionality and refinement.



Rating: 9.5

Underneath the robust hood of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat trim with the Tremor Off-Road Package resides a powerhouse that propels this heavy-duty truck into a league of its own. The beating heart of the Lariat is a formidable 7.3L V8 engine, showcasing Ford’s commitment to uncompromising performance. This naturally aspirated engine churns out an impressive 430 lbs of horsepower and 485 ft. lbs. of torque, delivering the raw power necessary for towing heavy loads or conquering challenging terrains with remarkable ease. They didn’t nickname this engine “Godzilla” for nothing!

The 7.3L V8 engine is a testament to Ford’s dedication to providing drivers with unmatched capability. Whether navigating steep inclines, hauling substantial payloads, or towing trailers, the F250 Lariat’s powertrain rises to the occasion, instilling confidence in drivers tackling demanding tasks. The engine’s robust performance is complemented by a well-tuned 10-speed transmission, resulting in a seamless and responsive driving experience.

Whether towing substantial loads or navigating rugged terrains, this robust engine stands as a beacon of capability, providing a responsive and commanding driving experience. The F250’s powertrain is finely tuned to deliver not just brute force, but a harmonious balance of strength and control, making it a versatile companion for drivers who demand exceptional performance from their heavy-duty trucks. With the 7.3L engine under the hood, the F250 Lariat trim with the Tremor Off-Road Package exemplifies the pinnacle of power within its class.



Rating: 9.0

The drive of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat is a captivating fusion of power, precision, and versatility. Behind the wheel, drivers are immediately greeted by a commanding view of the road, courtesy of the truck’s elevated driving position. The robust 7.3L V8 engine translates into a potent and responsive performance, effortlessly propelling the F250 Lariat forward with a surge of power that instills confidence in any driving scenario.

Whether navigating urban landscapes or venturing off the beaten path, the Lariat’s upgraded suspension system, off-road-tuned shocks, and massive all-terrain tires contribute to a smooth and controlled ride. The truck’s handling is surprisingly nimble for its size, offering a degree of agility that belies its heavy-duty nature. The intelligent engineering of the chassis, combined with advanced stability and traction control systems, ensures a composed and secure driving experience even when faced with challenging terrains or adverse weather conditions.

The drive of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat is not solely about brawn; it’s a harmonious marriage of power and finesse. The refined steering and well-calibrated 10-speed transmission add to the overall driving satisfaction, making the F250 Lariat a compelling choice for those who demand not only formidable performance but also a dynamic and enjoyable driving experience, whether on the highway or venturing into the great outdoors.

Note: This truck was built to work, so the suspension may seem quite stiff if you do not have payload in the bed, or are not hauling a trailer.


Fuel Economy

Rating: 7.5

While the primary focus of the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Tremor lies in its robust performance and heavy-duty capabilities, it’s important to acknowledge that fuel efficiency is often a consideration for truck owners. Given the powerful 7.3L V8 engine under its hood, the F250 Lariat is designed to deliver impressive power for towing and hauling, and as a result, its fuel economy may lean towards the lower end of the spectrum compared to smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Due to its substantial size and powerful engine, the F250 Tremor may have a lower fuel efficiency rating in comparison to smaller trucks or sedans. However, advancements in engine technology and transmission systems often contribute to a more optimized fuel economy than one might expect from a heavy-duty truck of this caliber. Drivers considering the F250 Tremor are likely prioritizing its exceptional towing capacity and off-road capabilities, understanding that these features often come with a trade-off in terms of fuel efficiency.

We were able to achieve a commendable fuel efficiency of 18.09 L/100km on the highway and 21.38 L/100km in the city, with a combined 19.9 L/100km. While this may seem dismal for prospective buyers, you have to remember this is a very big truck with a large engine that is meant to work and is not meant to be a daily commuter.

Note: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) typically does not conduct fuel economy testing on vehicles as heavy-duty as the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L. This exclusion is due to the EPA’s focus on testing smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, as heavy-duty trucks, especially those designed for significant towing and hauling, have different performance priorities that may not align with traditional fuel economy metrics.



Rating: 9.0

The 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat is not just a powerhouse of performance; it also prioritizes safety with a comprehensive suite of advanced features designed to protect both the driver and passengers. The truck comes equipped with an array of cutting-edge safety technologies, including adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking. These systems work in tandem to enhance overall safety, providing a layer of reassurance for drivers whether on long highway journeys or navigating busy city streets.

For enhanced visibility and awareness, the F250 Lariat is equipped with a 360-degree camera system, assisting drivers in maneuvering the truck with precision and avoiding potential obstacles. The advanced driver-assistance features are complemented by the truck’s sturdy construction, featuring a high-strength steel frame and strategically placed airbags throughout the cabin to mitigate the impact of collisions.

Additionally, the TLariat’s stability control system, traction control, and trailer sway control contribute to a secure and stable driving experience, especially when towing heavy loads. Ford’s commitment to safety is evident in the 2023 F250 7.3L Lariat, ensuring that this robust and powerful truck not only performs at its peak but also provides occupants with a safe and secure environment on every journey.



Rating: 9.5

The 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat delivers a level of comfort that transcends the traditional expectations of a heavy-duty truck. From the moment you settle into the plush seats, it’s evident that Ford has prioritized the well-being of both driver and passengers. The interior exudes an air of refinement, especially in the Lariat trim, where luxurious materials and thoughtful design details create an inviting and upscale ambiance.

The cabin is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring that every control is intuitively placed for easy access. The available heated and ventilated seats further enhance the comfort level, providing a cocoon of relaxation regardless of external weather conditions. Ample legroom and headroom in both the front and rear ensure that occupants can stretch out comfortably during long journeys, making the F250 Lariat a capable companion for extended road trips or daily commutes.

The cabin remains impressively quiet, even at highway speeds, creating a serene environment for conversation or enjoying the premium B&O audio system. The 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat with the Tremor Off-Road Package redefines the expectations of comfort in the heavy-duty truck segment, striking a harmonious balance between rugged capability and luxurious tranquility.



Rating: 9.7

The 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat is a technological marvel, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge features to elevate the driving experience to new heights. The centerpiece of its tech ensemble is the SYNC®4 infotainment system, displayed on a generous 12-inch touchscreen. This intuitive interface not only provides seamless control over navigation, entertainment, and vehicle settings but also incorporates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for enhanced connectivity and accessibility. The Applink feature allows for a seamless integration of compatible smartphone apps, ensuring drivers stay connected while keeping their focus on the road.

One standout feature of the F250 Lariat’s tech arsenal is the B&O (Bang & Olufsen) premium audio system. Engineered to deliver a concert-like audio experience, this system transforms the cabin into a haven of incredible sound. Whether it’s your favourite playlist, a podcast, or a phone call, the crystal-clear audio quality ensures that every moment on the road is accompanied by a premium auditory experience.

The advanced head-up display system projects key details, such as speed, navigation prompts, lane assist, and safety alerts, directly onto the windshield, ensuring that drivers can stay informed and focused on driving without having to glance away. The head-up display in the F250 Lariat enhances the overall driving experience, contributing to safety and convenience by delivering critical information within the driver’s line of sight.

The FordPass™ Connect system enhances connectivity by turning the truck into a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing passengers to stay connected on the go. With this technology, occupants can easily access vehicle information, remotely start the engine, and even lock or unlock the doors from the convenience of their smartphones. The 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat doesn’t just represent a powerhouse of performance but also a technological showcase, seamlessly integrating features that enhance connectivity, entertainment, and overall driving convenience.



Rating: 9.5

The 2024 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat prioritizes practicality with a well-thought-out approach to storage space, catering to the needs of both work and daily life. The truck features a generously sized cabin with ample storage compartments strategically placed for convenience. Front and rear door pockets, a centre console, and an overhead console provide versatile options for stowing away personal items, gadgets, and essential tools.

Additionally, the F250 Lariat recognizes the importance of cargo management, especially for those who rely on their trucks for heavy-duty tasks. The truck bed is not just a vast expanse of space but is complemented by available features such as bed-mounted cargo tie-downs and an optional bed extender, enhancing the utility and flexibility of the storage area.

Our test unit was equipped with the 6.75′ box, so it is just slightly longer than the F150 Crew Cab with the 6.5′ box.

Whether you’re hauling equipment to the job site or loading up for a weekend adventure, the F250 Lariat ensures that there’s a designated place for everything, emphasizing the practicality and versatility that defines this heavy-duty truck.

2023 Ford F250 Super Duty Lariat Tremor Window Sticker


Rating: 9.0

The 2024 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat with the Off-Road Tremor Package has a starting price of $85,539.00 (CAD), with our test unit coming in at $104,694.00 (CAD). This is decently priced for the segment, with competitor trucks priced slightly higher and slightly lower.


Overall Rating

After evaluating the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat Tremor across these ten distinct categories, I assigned it a comprehensive rating of 91.7.

Exterior: 9.5
Interior: 9.5
Power: 9.5
Drive: 9.0
Fuel Economy: 7.5
Safety: 9.0
Comfort: 9.5
Tech: 9.7
Storage: 9.5
Value: 9.0

Overall: 91.7



The following are key specifications. For trim-specific specs, please visit the Ford website.


Vehicle Type: 4-door Crew Cab Pickup
Front Suspension: Mono beam w/ coil springs, shock absorbers, stabilizer bar
Rear Suspension: Solid axle, leaf springs
Brakes: Four-wheel vented discs with ABS
Tires: LT285/75R18E BSW A/T 35” Off-Road Tire


Engine: 2V DEVCT NA PFI V8 Gas Engine
Displacement: 7.3 L / 445 cu. in
Horsepower: 430 hp @ 5500 rpm
Max. Torque: 485 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Transmission: TorqShift® Ten-Speed Automatic Transmission
Driving System: 4×4
Rear Axle Ratio: 4.30
Recommended Fuel: Regular Unleaded 87 Octane (Not e85 compatible)
Maximum Conventional Towing: 16,600 lbs
Maximum 5th Wheel / Gooseneck Towing: 16,500 lbs
Payload: 3,923 lbs



Wheelbase: 160 in
Length: 250 in
Width (w/o mirrors): 80 in
Width (w/ mirrors): 105.9 in
Height (w/o options): 81.6 in
Front Head Room: 40.8 in
Front Leg Room: 43.9 in
Front Shoulder Room: 66.7 in
Front Hip Room: 62.5 in
Second Row Head Room: 40.4 in
Second Row Leg Room: 43.6 in
Second Row Shoulder Room: 65.9 in
Second Row Hip Room: 64.7 in
Cargo Space/Area: 65.4 cu. ft.
Curb Weight: 6,480 lbs

Fuel Economy

Combined: 18.09 L/100km
City: 21.38 L/100km
Highway: 18.09 L/100km

Fuel by Metallica

While you will get to know your local gas station attendant on a first-name basis if you own this vehicle, this song was solely picked for the thrill of driving the 2023 F250 Tremor.

Fuel is pumping engines
Burning hard, loose, and clean
And on I burn, churning my direction
Quench my thirst with gasoline

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Motor & Music featuring the 2023 Ford F250 7.3L Lariat with the Tremor Off-Road Package and Fuel by Metallica.


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