18 Fun Things to Do in Clarksville

18 Fun Things to Do in Clarksville
25 Sep 2020

Clarksville is a small, charming town just north of Nashville in Tennessee. It is known to locals for its richness in history, great dining, culture, and abundance in nature. It’s definitely a town to visit, if you’re not sure where to go on your next travel destination.

Check out these 18 fun things to do in Clarksville, Tennessee:

1. Customs House

The Customs House acts as Clarksville’s historic museum that’s not only interactive, but also family-friendly. This building was originally a post office and customs house. But today, it’s a place for war memorabilia and modern art from local artists.

2. Miss Lucille’s Marketplace And Café

Miss Lucille’s is a hybrid of a marketplace and a café, for it houses more than 200 vendors, all stylish and eclectic in their own right. Plus, its café has yummy foods like their famous brisket sliders.

3. The City Forum

This is a local game centre, packed with the following activities, reasonably priced:
• Blacklight bowling
• A large arcade
• Laser tag
• Go-karts

Very spacious and clean with its stylish design, it never feels overly noisy or crowded.

4. Dunbar Cave

A cave system near town, the Dunbar Cave State has unique trails that take you there and, with a guided tour, you’ll find remnants of Mississippian Native American markings inside the cave.

5. Strawberry Alley Ale Works

This downtown brewery is home to two in-house brews, both crisp and flavourful.

Its second floor, the Upstairs at Strawberry Alley is a late-night taproom for bar crowds, with a large balcony, table games, and bar favourites like burgers and pizza.

6. Downtown Clarksville

Historic Downtown Clarksville is a fabulous shopping destination, with various locally-owned shops and boutiques to choose from. Don’t forget to stay for live music and local artist and writers meet-ups!

7. Roxy Theatre

Clarksville’s historic Roxy Theatre had opened in 1913 as its first movie theatre, having extended itself to eventually become the home of a professional regional theatre company. Today, it’s the place for plays, musicals, classic movies, etc.

8. Yada Yada Yada Deli

A family-owned New York style deli, Yada Yada Yada is your go-to eatery for:

• Breakfast croissants
• Healthy smoothies
• Coffee
• Sandwiches

Its specialties are handcrafted pizza, Spanish coffee, and salted caramel cookies.

9. Rotary Park

Just a 10-minute drive from downtown Clarksville, Rotary Park is a hiker and mountain biker’s paradise, with its lush trails, spring wildflowers, and clear streams.

10. Blackhorse Pub & Brewery

Originally a popular watering hole, the Blackhorse Pub was turned into a brewery. Now, 20+ years later, people can try the popular barrel-aged Southern Imperial Stout and other excellent brews, while enjoying live music, a pool table, and a great atmosphere.

11. McGregor Park Riverwalk

McGregor Park – a 15-acre park with a two-mile long promenade stretching along Cumberland River – is a popular outdoor venue with a one-mile long hiking trail, numerous benches lining up the riverbank, several picnic areas, a kids’ playground, and a concert open area.

12. History Hunt

Want to do some sightseeing? Or history hunting? You can, in Clarksville! Filled with historic details, fountains, statues, and eye-catching points of interest, it’s a fun and educational hunt for kids and families, as you read the “Visit Clarksville’s History Hunt” guide before you go.

13. Plumb Line Coffee

Of all the coffee shops in Clarksville, the Plumb Line Coffee is the most popular. Labeling itself as a “third-wave artisan coffee shop,” this place is a hip place for Instagrammers, and those who love cold brews – the coffee beans ethically sourced by local farmers.

14. Clarksville Greenway

Clarksville Greenway is a wide asphalt trail that spans nine miles long both ways, which is very popular with families, bikers, hikers, and inline skaters.

15. The Downtown Commons

In the heart of Clarksville sits the Downtown Commons, with its signature emerald green lawn. The lawn will even transform into an ice-skating rink come winter!

16. Golly G’s

Known for their best cinnamon rolls, along with a coffee or ice cream, Golly G’s can satisfy the sweet tooth. And, it’s located next to the Downtown Commons.

17. Port Royal

The Port Royal State Park is a small yet beautifully-historical park. With documented portions of the Trail of Tears, the park also has remnants of its major flatboat transport past.

18. Silke’s Bakery

This family-owned bakery specializes in artisan breads and European pastries, all made fresh daily. Unlike any other bakery, this one is open on Sundays, making it a great spot for lunch.

Visit Clarksville!

So, do you want to escape to a charming, small-town feel? Then visit Clarksville in Tennessee – a modern sanctuary, with an historic and natural finish.

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