12 Ways to Modernize the Old House and Boost its Value

12 Ways to Modernize the Old House and Boost its Value
09 Nov 2021

Sometimes you want to do some rearrangement at home, improve items, update them. But it’s not always clear where to start. If you want to make renovations, modernise your home, increase its value and simply create a favourable atmosphere in your home, then this is much easier than you think. We preserve the fireplace, give a chance to vintage carpets, combine the colours and add a little irony to the interior. Easy as that.

1. Repaint the walls

The easiest and most inexpensive way to renovate an interior is to repaint the walls. You can try to give the interior a Scandinavian touch, choose white colour as the main one for the walls. Make sure that you use good quality paint.

2. Use proven combinations

If the budget for the upcoming rework clearly does not cover the spending on expensive finishing materials and designer interior items, try to use pure colours and proven combinations. In addition to white, a rich grey colour can be used in the decoration of the kitchen, for example, you can use wallpaper with a white and grey pattern. A simple and win-win alliance.

3. Do not forget about bright accents

Don’t forget to add bright colour accents to the interior – red, blue or green. This technique is typical for the Scandinavian style, but works great in other interiors. The main thing is not to overdo it and choose harmoniously combined colours.

4. Save old furniture

Who said that old furniture can’t fit into a modern interior? On the contrary, it is becoming more and more common for an old grandmother’s chest of drawers or grandfather’s desk to find a place in a newly renovated room. For example, you can put a vintage dressing table that will harmoniously coexist with a modern bed and brand-new lamps in a bedroom.

5. Refurbish the parquet floor and stairs

In old houses, wooden parquet floors and stairs can last for decades after being restored. If the tree is in satisfactory condition, it will be much cheaper and easier to renovate it a little, than to install a new staircase and re-lay the parquet.

6. Set up a comfortable and functional kitchen

But it’s better not to save money in the kitchen! This is exactly the case, when in the long term it is more profitable to purchase a high-quality headset and to approach the issue of arranging functional areas as carefully as possible.

7. Don’t neglect the roofing

Another thing that you are not supposed to save on is the roofing. It is very important that the hat of your house is in a good condition. In case there are damages, make sure to fix them as soon as possible. Heritage roofing services will come in hand.

8. Update the old fireplace

There is nothing cosier than the seating area around the fireplace. The fireplace plays an important role in creating a comfortable atmosphere. If you are renovating an old house with a fireplace, try to keep and update it. As a rule, this does not require excessive costs, but family evenings by the fire are priceless.

9. Give vintage carpets a chance

Contrary to popular belief, the old carpet doesn’t have to be discarded. If it is well-preserved, and the pattern and colour scheme do not repel you, take the carpet to dry cleaning to get rid of dirt and dust, and find a suitable place for the “old man”.

10. Get some live plants

Indoor plants are one of the inexpensive and effective ways to refresh the environment, make it more comfortable, and at the same time improve the indoor climate. By the way, for those who constantly forget to water the flowers, there is a huge selection of unpretentious plants.

11. A bit of irony doesn’t hurt

Don’t take your decor too seriously: after all, this is a living space, not a picture from a glossy magazine. Do you want to use children’s toys in the decor, or buy a carpet with a chequerboard pattern? Do it, allow yourself a little irony.

12. Turn the balcony into a seating area

Do not consider the balcony as a place to store unnecessary things, because it can become a real nice seating area. You can place an armchair on your small balcony, a lantern for a candle, put a plant in a pot – and as a result, you will get an incredibly cosy place for morning coffee or evening gatherings.


As you can see, it is not so difficult to transform your house, make it more luxurious and modern. You will just need some time and imagination. We hope that our tips will inspire you and help you with your renovation and decoration mission. Good luck!


Ron Wolf

Ron is a soon to be a civil engineer. Until that happens, he tries to write as much as he can use his knowledge from school and five years experience from working in his dad's construction company as a teen. Ron loves playing pool and hanging out with his friends as much as he can.

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