11 Questions with… Solmaz. @zamlos #bdk11Qs

11 Questions with… Solmaz. @zamlos #bdk11Qs
16 Apr 2018

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Welcome to “11 Questions with…”. This edition’s guest is Solmaz.


11 Questions with… Solmaz

1. Elevator pitch… tell us about yourself.

My name is Solmaz and I’m a full-time travel and food blogger based in Toronto. I’m a new mama, glutton and all around curious soul. I strongly believe that each moment in our lives is a gift and should be spent doing the things we love surrounded by the people we love.

2. Your spouse… tell us about him.

I’ve been with my hubster for over 17 years. Nick is incredible – he’s loving, generous, patient and determined. He’s truly the backbone of our family.

solmaz with child

3. Your kids… tell us about them.

Little L has filled our lives with purpose, joy and laughter since the day he was born. He’s a happy baby who loves to eat, is very strong-willed and has enough hair for the entire family. He has kind eyes, is more curious than his mama (I didn’t think that was possible!) and loves music.

4. Do you have any family traditions?

We go on a pilgrimage to Greece to see family every year.

5. What have been your biggest challenges as a parent?

Balance. I’m my own boss so taking time off is a bit of a challenge. Fun fact: I was working three days after I gave birth! While working has helped me maintain continuity and normality, it has meant that I need to be VERY organized so I can live a balanced life – both in the family and professional realm. It’s a work in progress…

6. If you could pick any career in the world for yourself, what would it be, and why?

Exactly what I’m doing now. I’m so fortunate to be living the dream – one I never knew I had. I love creating content and traveling the world, but more importantly I love connecting people to the things that make me happy. That’s the reason I started blogging – it was never intended to be a business, just a platform to share experiences!

7. Growing up, who inspired you the most?

Oh I can’t pick ONE person!! So many people have inspired me – from teachers and my amazing parents to my husband, friends and colleagues. Each person has inspired me in a different aspect of my life.

8. How do you balance work life and family life?

I’ve learned not to aspire for perfection (it really helped when I realized it doesn’t exist ☺ ) and to do my best in each category of my life that matters. Easier said than done – it’s a constant and very conscious effort to draw the line and switch channels/focus.

9. What advice would your “current self” give to your “just about to have my first child” self?

Stop to take in the moments. They go fast. It sounds cliché, but it’s true.

10. Has there been a piece of advice you were given about parenting that really stuck with you?

“Sleep when baby sleeps.” Not many people actually do this, but I forced myself to by letting the to-do list pile up. It’ll all eventually get done, but if you’re rested you’ll be so much happier and calmer as a parent.

One more piece of advice that rang true: “It takes a village.” Yup, our first year would not have been as smooth as they were without the help of our families (my mom even moved into our tiny condo for three months). In North America we tend to parent without much community involvement and it makes it sooooo much harder. Take advantage of the support system around you!

11. What advice would you give to new parents?

People have parented for centuries. We have the innate ability to do it so don’t stress out about every single detail. You can’t control everything and you won’t know everything so let it goooo, let it gooooo. We purposely didn’t do any reading/Googling to allow that inner voice and capability shine through – it’s made our parenting journey so stress-free and natural.

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