11 Child Bedroom Ideas To Inspire Creativity And Imagination

11 Child Bedroom Ideas To Inspire Creativity And Imagination
08 Jan 2021

There are a couple of things you need to think about when you are planning your children’s room. You have to compromise. You and your child will most likely have different ideas when it comes to decorating their bedroom, so try to meet in the middle.

Find a way to make a flexible space that satisfies both of your needs and requirements. Next, you will need to think about the future when you are decorating and choose some furniture that can work when they get older.

Make an ABC wall

Making an ABC wall in your child’s room is a fun way of sparking their creativity and helping them learn the alphabet. Try putting up or making a fun drawing that corresponds with each letter to help with learning. If you’re not that creative you can simply find an alphabet poster, choose the one that has a mix of illustrations or icons that will help your child learn their ABC’s faster and easier.

bedroom ideas separate play area

Have A Separate Play Area

Make them an area that will stimulate your child’s imagination with a fun tent, a play kitchen or kids flip out sofa. There is nothing that kids love more than building a fort, but parents are not too keen on them using the sofa cushions to make it. To avoid that, you can make them a permanent fort or a tent they can play in. But, if you are not crafty or simply don’t have enough time to sit down and make it there are many of children tents you buy online and plenty of fun ones that they can colour on and make their own design.

Make a Wall Map

Having a wall map is a great way for your child to keep track of where they have gone on vacation and what were their favourite spots. It is also a great way for your child to practise state names and capitals of your country.

bedroom ideas chalkboard wall

Paint A Chalkboard Wall Or Door

We all know this, scribbles on your clean or freshly painted walls will happen no matter how you try to fight it because that’s what happens when you have small children in the house. So think about how happy they will be when you allow them to do it. A chalkboard wall is not only a great way to stimulate your child’s creativity also it will create a block look when it’s against white or a light coloured wall. If you think chalk dust will make too big of a mess, you can go for a whiteboard paint, it works on the same principles but is a wipeable surface that you can write on with washable markers. Provide your child with an assortment of fun colours and let them do their thing.

A Colouring Book On The Wall

You can start by mismatching some bold and colourful wallpapers and start making a design and fun shaped outlines. Leave the outlines blank and let your child colour them in and make animals or things that they imagine out of those shapes.

bedroom ideas solar system wall

The Solar-system Wall

Amaze your child and tickle their brain by painting a solar system on their wall. This will intrigue them and they will want to learn about the solar system, and you will make the learning the names of the planets easier for them.

Add Low-level Storage

Having storage that is the right height for children is the key to keeping their room organised and clean. Section it off and arranged by theme, because that will make it easier for children to find what goes where. Keep at a lower level so they can access it on their own. The best way is to put the storage under a window so it is tucked away and neat.

Add Some Themed Prints

You can add some fun and colourful prints to switch up the room as your child grows without having to redo the whole room. There are so many themes that you can go with like animals, superheroes, dogs, cats, etc…

You can even buy and hang a blank canvas and let your child express themselves with some colourful paints.

bedroom ideas art corner

Make An Art Corner

Hanging children’s artwork and crafts is a must, it is best to make a corner where all their pieces will be shown off. If your child is interested in art you can make a whole corner dedicated to art, put a small table and their art supplies on there and let them paint their heart out.

Make Them A Dress-up Corner

It doesn’t matter what gender your child is having a dress-up corner will make them happy. You can make it with just a few coat hooks, wall mirrors and a strand of lights. With those, you will make a glamorous dressing room vibe and they can make shows and have fun with their friends while trying on costumes.

Make A Room Where They Can Climb And Move

If you have a space like a basement or a part of the attic that you don’t use for anything, you can utilise that space and make your children a place where they can have fun and get all their energy out. You can hang ropes and laydown gym mats, make a small rock climbing wall or just let them have space where they can run and jump as much as they like.

Inspire Creativity And Imagination with these Child Room Ideas!

A child’s surroundings have a huge impact on how they grow and develop, therefore parents should do their best to make their children’s living spaces as comfortable and educative as possible without forcing it on them. Hopefully, these bedroom ideas will help you and your child plan a space that inspires creativity and imagination!


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