10 Ways To Improve The Home’s Exterior & Outside Spaces

10 Ways To Improve The Home’s Exterior & Outside Spaces
30 Apr 2019

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Your relationship with the family home isn’t limited to what’s inside the four walls. In truth, the exterior elements play a telling role and have the potential to add a whole new dimension to the property and your love towards it.

While finding the motivation to make those upgrades is easy, knowing where to turn is a little tougher. Here are 10 of the best solutions on the market.

1. Get It Painted

A new colour scheme – or even a few fresh coats of the same shade – can make a world of difference. A newly painted home gives the whole property a new atmosphere, making it seem bigger and cleaner than ever. Given that your eyes will respond to the exterior before you’ve even stepped into the property, getting it right is vital. Fences and gates can be painted with the appropriate materials for an even greater appeal.

2. Go Green

There are many ways to make your home eco-friendly. However, the main ones including solar panels and thicker windows are focused on the home’s exterior. Adding the eco-friendly upgrades will save you money in the long run. Moreover, it should make you feel better about the property while also turning your home into the envy of your neighbourhood for many years to come.

3. Improve Home Security Features

Your home is the family’s castle, and it should protect your loved ones and assets. Installing new CCTV cameras, automated gates, and advanced alarms is vital. Firstly, they will serve as a deterrent that discourage potential intruders. Meanwhile, it should put your fears to bed, allowing you to enjoy the property with greater authority. When added to the fact the cameras can record data that can be used as evidence in court is a nice bonus.

4. Let There Be Light

Adding motion-powered lights and solar garden lights can boost the home’s security as there will be nowhere for potential thieves to hide. Crucially, though, garden lights and spotlights also give you the opportunity to enjoy evenings in the garden. Whether it’s a relaxed evening on the deck or hosting a summer garden party for friends and family, the results are fantastic.

5. Get Rid Of Big Trees

Flowers, plants, and trees can all add beauty to external spaces. Sadly, bigger trees take up a lot of room, pose a risk to the property, and can cast shadows. Calling a tree surgeon to remove the problematic item allows you to focus on creating beauty elsewhere. In some situations, it may be possible to choose trimming endeavours instead. Either way, keeping the potential hazard in its current state is simply not an option.

6. Attend To The Roofing

The quality of your home’s exterior will go a long way to protecting the interiors, and the roof is particularly vital. After all, this is a structure that protects everything underneath. If you’ve noticed that the tiles are loose or have spotted a leak, you must fix this ASAP before it becomes a major issue. Similarly, if the guttering or related items become damaged, you should treat them ASAP.

7. Build An Outside Building

If you are blessed with a big garden, you probably won’t need the entire space. Building an annex or a summerhouse can offer excellent ROIs. More importantly, it’s an entirely new part of the home that can allow you to create a home gym, office, or playroom. The fact that it will be separated from the rest of the home creates a unique atmosphere. Furthermore, the added space can be used to take the pressure off in some of the internal rooms.

8. Upgrade The Driveway

The driveway is likely to be the first area that you interact with each time your return home. Likewise, it can have a telling impact on the health of your car’s wheels. Therefore, using concrete contractors to create an attractive and functioning driveway is a very smart move. The right design can take the entire home to a whole new level. Besides, the right choice of material will add to the green living vibe while also protecting the main building.

9. Add Luxury Features

Whether dealing with the front or backyard doesn’t matter. Adding a few luxury features will soon make a noticeable difference. A water feature, statue, or shrub can make the front more attractive. Meanwhile, swimming pools, patios, and BBQ areas can all improve the backyard. Seemingly small changes can make a significant impact. Encourage yourself to spend more time outside, and you’ll love it.

10. Treat The Front Door

A new front door can aid energy efficiency and the overall appearance. However, you can make even greater improvements by investing in nameplates, mailboxes, and knockers. Those additional items are sure to impress all visitors while also underlining your love of the property. When combined with some of the above ideas, the outside of your property will be better than ever.

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