10 Amazing Places To Get a Taste of Halifax, Nova Scotia

10 Amazing Places To Get a Taste of Halifax, Nova Scotia
08 Nov 2022

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From the sound of gulls to the smell of fish in the air, Nova Scotia is where the sea comes home. And Halifax is Sea Central: stormy gales and old, salty fishermen in rain slicks and boots. If you’re on a voyage for the freshest lobster and seafood in the world, you can’t do better than old Halifax.

But lobster isn’t the only thing they’re serving up to eat and drink. Oh no! They’ve got just about everything. So here are 10 Amazing Places To Get a Taste of Halifax. To keep you on track, we’ll start with coffee & breakfast…

Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe

Caffeine Time! I mean, you can’t cruise all over Halifax without wind in your sail! You gotta have some roasted, get-up-n-go juice, right? The best place to get it is Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe.

It’s a fun place, and they take their coffee seriously! They have award-winning baristas and locally roasted coffee, brewed fresh to keep you sailing. It takes energy to eat your way through Halifax, my friends! They even have breakfast, sandwiches, pasties, soups, and vegan and gluten-free options.


Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe is located at 6100 Quinpool Road in Halifax.

Annie’s Place Cafe

You can’t skip the most important meal if you plan to spend all day sightseeing in Halifax. Head on down to Annie’s Place Cafe for a home-cooked hearty breakfast!

There really is an Annie at Annie’s Place Cafe! She serves homemade breakfast: bacon and eggs, french toast, pancakes, veggie omelettes, and oatmeal – just to name a few. And she deals it out from morning to mid-afternoon.


Annie’s Place Cafe is located at 1592 Queen Street in Halifax.


Want a kickin’ view of Halifax Harbour while you eat fresh steamed lobster? Then peg-leg yourself into Saltys. They’ve also got loads of other seafood on the menu, as well as steaks, chicken, lamb, sandwiches, pasta, and chowders. Wash your grub down with local brews from the tap.

If the harbour life at the bar downstairs is too noisy for ya, head upstairs to their restaurant! While there, don’t forget to grab a mini loaf of Angie’s famous cornbread, hot from the oven!


Saltys is located at 1877 Upper Water Street in Halifax.

Bluenose II Restaurant

Named after Nova Scotia’s famous schooner, Bluenose II Restaurant has been a Halifax landmark since 1964. They serve fresh home-style Nova Scotia seafood, lobster, charbroiled steaks, vegetarian, and Greek specialties.

They have one of the best lobster rolls I’ve ever eaten: Fresh Nova Scotia lobster served on a beautifully toasted and buttered roll, with lettuce, green onions, and topped with cocktail mayo. It’s like an East Coast kitchen party in your mouth!

The Bluenose II Restaurant may look like any other diner from the outside, but trust me, the food is amazing!


Bluenose II Restaurant is located at 1824 Hollis Street in Halifax.

The Foggy Goggle

Probably the winner of “best damn name in town” goes to The Foggy Goggle. Get your pub fare classics with a unique twist.

Not only do they have creative cocktails and local beer on tap, but they’re gonna fill you to the gills (that’s pretty full) with locally sourced ingredients, from appetizers to soups and salads, to burgers and sandwiches.

Some personal faves are the Bao Buns (sweet & spicy Japanese whiskey pork belly or cauliflower with sesame, soy cucumber & carrots, cilantro & gochujang kewpie mayo), the Carolina Smash Burger (double smashed patties with American cheddar, apple bacon coleslaw, Carolina beer mustard, crispy onions & spicy bread & butter pickles), and the Fish Tacos (haddock, shredded lettuce, bell peppers, red onion, radish, jalapeno cilantro crema).


The Foggy Goggle is located at 2057 Gottingen Street in Halifax.


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McKelvie’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for fancy dining then head on over to McKelvie’s Restaurant. From seafood to steaks, the chef selects only the best local ingredients to craft your lunch or dinner.

McKelvie’s has been around for over 30 years, offering patrons a unique culinary experience. They have indoor dining and a really cool patio area in the courtyard.

This downtown Halifax restaurant is located in a historic space that was built to house the horse-drawn fire-fighting equipment of the old Halifax Fire Department.

Favourite dishes include the Crab Cakes (with curry mayo), the Fish Fry (panko crusted shrimp, breaded Digby scallops, crunchy haddock, fries), and the Acadian Jambalaya (tiger shrimp, chicken, mild sausage, Cajun spices, tomato base, rice).

Make sure you save some room for a generous slice of house-made coconut cream pie!


McKelvie’s Restaurant is located at 1680 Lower Water Street in Halifax.

King Of Donair

You can’t go to Nova Scotia and not have the official food of Halifax! While there are several places to get a donair in Halifax, the absolute best are found at King Of Donair – the very first donair shop in Canada! This popular restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and variety of flavours, making it the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal.

Their donairs are mouth-watering – tender shaved meat with your choice of toppings, all bundled up in a fresh pita. And don’t forget that thick and sweet donair sauce – it’s just not the same without it!

If you want a nice treat on the side, try the donair egg rolls. Wonton wraps filled with donair meat and deep-fried to a golden crisp – so good!

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, be sure to check out King Of Donair. You will be glad you did!


King Of Donair is located at 6420 Quinpool Road in Halifax.

Cow Bay Pizza & Variety

If you are visiting Halifax, be sure you make the 30-minute drive to beautiful Eastern Passage and hit up Cow Bay Pizza & Variety. They are a small family-run pizza place and corner store that have amazing pizzas, donairs, and all the snacks and sundries you would find at your local convenience store. And they make an amazing Donair Calzone: Donair meat, onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, with a garlic butter base. You can have it either deep-fried or baked.

While they do not have indoor seating, you can drive down the road to Fisherman’s Cove, grab a picnic table by the water, and enjoy your meal there while watching the boats go by.


Cow Bay Pizza & Variety is located at 388 Cow Bay Road in Eastern Passage.

Finer Diner

You can’t visit Halifax and not go to Peggy’s Cove to see the famed Peggy’s Point lighthouse! Well if you are feeling hungry on your way back to Halifax, consider grabbing a bite to eat at Finer Diner in Hacketts Cove.

Formerly a general store, this quaint little restaurant has delicious food and a gorgeous view of Boutilier’s Cove. You can eat in the diner, or on their covered patio.

The Atlantic Lobster Roll is pretty amazing: chunks of chilled lobster with mayo and diced celery on a toasted roll, served with coleslaw and your choice of mashed potatoes, fries, rice, soup, or Caesar or house salad.

They’ve also got fresh homemade pies that are to die for. Don’t miss out on this hidden gem!


Finer Diner is located at 9976 Peggys Cove Road in Hacketts Cove.

Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar

Bet you thought I was gonna forget the sweets. Ooohhh nooooo!

Need an afternoon or late-night dessert, maybe a sandwich, and a few craft cocktails?  Then you want to hit up the Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar.

They’re known for their cakes, pies, and sundaes, but they’re also famous for their boozey drinks.

Chocolate Torte, Peanut Butter Pie, New York Cheesecake, Apple Crisp, Chocolate Lava Cake, Chocolate Brownie Pie, and Lemon Pavlova. Is your mouth watering yet? Trust me – you won’t be swiping left on any of these delicious treats!

The Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar is a great place to grab that last snack and nightcap after a solid night of bar hopping!


The Middle Spoon Desserterie and Bar is located at 1450 Ironstone Lane in Halifax.

Enjoy eating your way through Halifax

There ya have it! My list of 10 fantastic places to eat in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Personally, I’d hit them all. Maybe not in one day, but over the course of a few days while doing fun things around Halifax… heck yeah!

Make sure to keep this guide handy when you sail into town. Otherwise, you might find yourself marooned. And nobody has time for that!

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