Last summer, while we were on our 3 week road trip to Florida, we used Roam Like Home on our Rogers devices. Not only was it greet to be able to call home to my parents when we needed to, but it was great being connected. Both Wendy and I were able to upload pictures to our social media channels. As well, we were able to use our devices as temporary hotspots so that the girls could post to their Instagram channels.

Don’t worry – we only used our devices when it was our turn as passengers. Safety, and common sense, first!

Roam Like Home

This service has been a blessing to us. We consider our travel trailer home in the summer months. For me, it is also my office for a good part of the day. Whether sitting inside at the kitchen table, or outside in a camping chair with a table. My office is where I make it, and Roam Like Home allows me to stay connected.

The beauty of Rogers Roam Like Home is within the US, it is only $5 per day, to a maximum of 10 days. That means when you hit the 10th day, or $50, the rest of them month is free! Now that doest mean you get unlimited data or anything above your normal monthly plan. The $5 per day allows you to use your monthly plan in the US. For international, that amount is $10 per day, to a maximum of 10 days (or $100).

Travelling is not without it’s connection pains.

I’ve never really had a problem with connectivity with my Rogers service, unless I was in a concrete building, in an underground parking lot, or in some basements… so like every other cell provider… where cell signals are usually weak. But when travelling, you are dependent on “partner coverage”… the cell towers from the US partner providers.

While the mountains in Virginia are beautiful to look at and drive through, it is not the best place to get a cell signal. While driving along Interstate 75, the coverage is quite good. It’s when you leave that corridor that you find coverage issues.

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Our our road trip, we found very weak coverage in:

• Heiskell, Tennessee
• Max Meadows, Virginia
• Champion, Pennsylvania
• Great Smokey Mountains
• Alleghany Mountains

These campgrounds were way all off the beaten path… far from densely populated neighbourhoods, so it was very understandable. It’s a different lifestyle for people who live in these areas. Electronics and cell coverage is just not a priority, like it is for a digital connected family like ours. Even when camping and traveling, being connected is important for us.

I work online, and in the summer work quite a bit from our travel trailer. Being connected is not only important, it is a necessity. I have often been asked by fellow campers (sarcastically) if I could separate myself from my iPad or iPhone. When I explain to them that I am actually working, and having a connection allows me to spend the summer abroad with my family, they then “seem” to understand.

Fielding the questions is worth it though. There is nothing like waking up in the morning, having your coffee at a campground while setting up your workstation under the awning of your travel trailer… in the fresh air.

Travelling? Stay connected!

Be sure to check out Rogers and their Roam Like Home plan, available in over 100 destinations around the world.

Big Daddy

Disclaimer: I am a Rogers ambassador. All opinions are my own.

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