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Parenting, life as a Dad, my amazing wife, my 2 daughters, and posts about being the only guy in my house! Even our dog is female!

Depression and Anxiety: There are days when I just feel like staying in bed.

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing went right? How about weeks… or months? This seems to be my last few months. I’ve been struggling with a lot of negativity in my life. This is not family related at all. My family life is fantastic, and I am surrounded by people who Continue Reading

Forgive me Netflix, for I have sinned. #StreamTeam @Netflix_Ca

It has been 30 days since I last watched you. Life has been so busy lately. This past month, I had my team fly in for training, I finished designing my Rachel and Lauren’s school yearbook (which I do alone as a volunteer project), the girls graded for their yellow belt in Taekwondo… A photo Continue Reading

Siblings can watch @Netflix_ca together! #StreamTeam

Finding something my 2 siblings will watch together is becoming increasingly challenging. On one hand, my 11 year-old daughter Rachel loves action, drama, teen fun, and adventure. She is beyond the cartoon phase. On the other hand, my 9 year-old daughter Lauren is all about cartoons, princesses, and all things pink. They are often able Continue Reading

Snow Day? @LEGO_Group and @Netflix_ca it is! #StreamTeam

Is it just me, or do other parents notice that the call to cancel buses and schools comes a lot quicker than when we were growing up? I am not going to go on some long rant about how we had to walk uphill through 2 feet of snow to school when we were kids, Continue Reading

2015: The year of the 365 Grateful project. #365Grateful

For the past 365 days, I have been finding at least one thing each day that I am grateful for, and posting about it on Instagram. In some cases, there have been more than one thing. There have been times where I have not had a great day, but I found that one thing that Continue Reading

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