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Awe Daddy, can I stay up for 5 more minutes? @Netflix_ca #5MoreMinutes #StreamTeam

Ahhhhh… bed time I remember when I was 9 or 10, playing outside until the street light came on, and then heading home. I was lucky enough not to have a curfew, because I came home at a decent time, and went to bed without being asked each night. I was in bed by 9:00pm. Continue Reading

Spooktacular Movie-Marathon on @netflix_ca! #StreamTeam #NetflixHalloween

A Spooktacular Halloween Tradition One of my favourite times of the year. The house gets decorated like a graveyard, I get to scare people, then give them candy, and my kids get to go out trick or treating. So much damn fun! Each year, our family watches a lot of movies around this time. The Continue Reading

Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.

Yesterday was “Back To The Future Day”. You know… the day in “Back to the Future Part II”, when Marty McFly traveled to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in “Back to the Future’s” 1985. Everyone was all over the comparisons, the ads, and the hoopla around it. Even me. Continue Reading

Let’s talk taxes with @HRBlockCanada Oct 22 at 8pm EDT! #TaxTalkTime

Tax time is a really busy time for our family – mostly because we are all rushing to get it in on time. But it’s not just that… it’s meeting with our financial advisor and making sure we have maximized our RRSP contributions, and have got all of our expenses, T4s, etc all organized. With Continue Reading

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